On February 27, 2007, Thai Khuong Technology Trading Co., Ltd was established with a team of engineers and many years of experience in the field of industrial pumping equipment.

Head office : 30D Phan Van Suu, Ward 13, Tan Binh District, HCMC

As the result of distribution market expanding, on December 29, 2010, Thai Khuong set up a branch office in Binh Duong province.

Started as the sole distributor for the air operated double diaphragm pumps of Marathon (US), Blagdon (UK). After a short period of time, with determination, experience and ability to work, Thai Khuong Company has been continuously developing and expanding its product and market supply lines throughout the country. Thai Khuong also received the trust of the major pump brands in the world, continuously become the exclusive representative for the pump brand EU, G7 in the Vietnam market during 10 years of development:

  • In 2008, Thai Khuong became the exclusive distributor for four brand names: Nova Rotors (Italy), Affetti (Italy) and Doseuro (Italy).
  • In 2010, Thai Khuong became the exclusive distributor for Wrightflow (UK) brand.
  • From 2012 to 2014, the prestige of pump brands from Italy such as Salvatore Robuschi, Gemme Cotti, HQ pump and Robuschi Robox, Thai Khuong became the exclusive distributor of these product
  • In 2015 – 2016, Thai Khuong distributes exclusive rights to the global brand name: Caprari Pump (Italy) and two branded pumps from the US are Enviro Gear, Blackmer in Vietnam market.

Currently, Thai Khuong Company has become one of the leading suppliers in Vietnam, an exclusive distributor for 17 pump brands, valves from EU – G7, we can satisfy almost customer’s need for all sectors.

Philosophy, Vission, Mission:

  • Philosophy: Quality products, competitive price, perfect service.
  • Vission: Become a leading supplier of pumping equipment, valves and industrial solutions in Vietnam and neighboring countries.
  • Mission: Providing all kinds of pumps, valves in all fields.

Fields application:

Thai Khuong specializes in trading, purchasing, supplying industrial machinery and equipment since 2007, operating in many fields such as: Thermal Power Plant, Hydroelectric Plant, Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Ceramics, Paints, Printing Ink, Food, Pharmaceutical, Chemical Industry, Beer, Wine – NGK, Sugar cane, Water Supply – Wastewater treatment, Marine – Shipbuilding

We can provide for production, processing and installation of mechanical products.

With enthusiasm, experience, professional service, the company gradually develops and become an exclusive distributor for brands, such as:

Affetti (Italy): Centrifugal pump with magnetic & electric driven

Gemme Cotti (Italy): Centrifugal pump with magnetic driven

Marathon (USA): Air operated double diaphragm

Blagdon (UK): Air operated double diaphragm

Doseuro (Italy): Dosing pump

Nova Rotors (Italy): Progressing cavity pump

Wrightflow (UK): Lobe pump

Robuschi Robox (Italy): Blower, vaccum pump

Salvatore Robuschi (Italy): Centrifugal horizontal pump

Caprari (Italy): Centrifugal horizontal/ vertical pump, submersible pump

HQ Pump (Italy): Submersible pump

Enviro Gear (USA): Gear pump

Blackmer (USA): Twin screw, triple screw

Jessberger (Germany): Drum pump

CSF (Italy): Centrifugal pump/ Progressing cavity pump

Shruco Slurry (USA): Slurry pump

Quattro Decanters (Italy): Centrifugal decanters

SlurryFlo (Canada): Valve