Air blower

An air blower is a simple and effective device used in homes and industries to blow away dirt and dust from every nook and cranny, drying, ventilating, aerating… For electronic devices, some parts cannot be wiped with a cloth… This is when you need an air blower to remove dirt quickly and effectively.
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What is an air blower?

An industrial blower is a blower whose primary function is to provide a massive airflow to various processes in industries. They are electric fans with blades to pass airflow from one point to another with certain specifications.

These industrial blowers use for many functions such as combustion, ventilation, aeration, grain blowing, cooling, air-cleaning, drying, etc. Almost every industry such as agriculture, chemical industry, etc. Chemical, medical, oil and gas, automotive, mining, food processing, and construction all use air blowers for various needs.

Air blower
Air blower

Air blower feature

Air blowers have many features such as:

    • Air blower capable of blowing and extracting air
    • Has an optional function of speed change control
    • Fixed-mount and portable types are available
    • High capacity, high pressure suitable for many needs
Air blower construction
Air blower construction

Principle of air blower

A propeller in the center of the blower draws in air and creates a spiral airflow, thus creating a dynamic pressure for the air to pass through a curve and out of the blower. Different speed levels are set for other applications such as cleaning electronic components, drying, blowing plastics, etc.

The principle of operation of the air blower depends on two cam blades (also known as impellers); these two wheels fitted with a motor in the center of the wing with opposite directions of movement. The two center axes are parallel to each other, and the two camshafts must not touch each other.

Structural diagram of air blower
Structural diagram of air blower

When the rotor rotates one revolution, there is still no pressure in the ejector chamber; until the rotor rotates for the second revolution, the flow will push into the original flow and finally into the ejector chamber.

Working principle of air blower
Working principle of air blower
The suction ability of the machine depends on the gap between the two cams, the gap between the rotating part and the body. The smaller the opening, the stronger the suction force of the machine, but over time, the gap increases, making the air blower operate no longer ensuring the operational parameters.

Types of air blowers

Industrial blowers are distinguished based on the principle of operation to create flow and pressure. Therefore, blowers are mainly classified as:

Axial blower

    • Used for low-pressure application, usually not more than 25mm WC. Axial fans use axial force to achieve air movement, rotating a central shaft with blades extending radially from its outside diameter. The airflow moves parallel to the post of the impeller or the rotating shaft.
    • Air pressure by the aerodynamic lift generated by the blades. These blowers produce high airflow at low pressure. Axial blowers choose for simple mining or cooling applications with meager system resistance, such as moving air from one space to another, cooling condensers in refrigeration. They mainly use in exhausting polluted air or supplying fresh air.

Air blower maintenance

Radial air blower

    • Used for medium pressure application. A single-stage centrifugal fan can produce pressure from 25mm wg to 1500mm wg.
      Centrifugal blowers use centrifugal force generated by a rotating disc, with the blades at right angles to the disc rotating the blades. These blowers use a rotating impeller to transfer air first radially outward by centrifugal action, tangentially away from the impeller tips.
    • Speed ​​increases as air travel to the tips of the blades and then convert to pressure. Radial blowers can produce high pressures, making them suitable for harsh operating conditions, such as high-temperature systems, wet or dirty air flows, and material handling. This blower has a significant amount of air with minimal vibration in a confined space. Centrifugal blowers commonly use in boiler fans, furnace blowers, rolling mills, vacuum cleaners, bag filters, suction blowers, exhaust blowers.

Air blower accessories

A primary blower consists of many different accessory components. Specifically, we have:

    • Air blower fan
    • Inlet and outlet silencers
    • Input filter
    • Engine
    • V-belt
    • Safety valve
    • Check valve
    • Valve no load
    • Lifting frameset
    • Air blower soundproof box
    • Remote control

Currently, Thai Khuong has imported and is ready to supply components and accessories for genuine Robuschi air blowers. If you need more advice or support, please get in touch with Thai Khuong!

Air blower application

Air blowers commonly use as part of boiler systems, HVAC systems, etc. These systems are the applications where the blowers use. Although the blower’s job in any application remains the same, i.e., to produce a flow of air at a specific pressure. However, depending on the blower application, there are changes in the transmission arrangement, construction materials, installation layout, etc.

Air blower application
Air blower application

Industrial blowers are also used in the following applications:

    • Forced exhaust fan for boiler application
    • Dust blower
    • Oven blower
    • Paint line blowing machine
    • HVAC Blowers
    • Blowers for material handling applications
    • Exhaust/ventilation fan
    • Air blower for sewage treatment / Water treatment plant

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