Borehole Pumps

Well pump is also known as Borehole pump.

The name of the well is used for civil purposes. In the field of industrial pumps, Borehole pumps are often mentioned more often.

Well pumps, also known as borehole pumps, are submersible pumps used to pump water and liquids from wells, deep boreholes for the fields of farming, mining, water supply and drainage or oil. … These devices belong to single-stage or multi-stage centrifugal pumps. Use a submersible motor, which can be mounted above or below the pump. The characteristic of the pump is that there is no suction pipe, so the whole machine must be submerged in the liquid medium to be treated.

Borehole pump

The borehole pump has a small, tapered diameter structure (a rocket-like shape) and a large shaft length suitable for the design of many types of today’s wells. The pump motor is usually a water- or oil-filled squirrel-cage motor, sealed with a mechanical seal, or shaft seal. The machine is usually equipped with a suction filter between the pump body and the motor.

Pumps are made of corrosion-resistant materials to protect the pump against substances it comes into contact with when placed in the ground. The pump is equipped with a filter at the suction end to filter out solid particles that can cause damage to the pump – due to the well pump /borehole pump line having a design that limits the clearance for large solid particles. Parts such as plain bearings are lubricated with motor fluid, usually made of carbon, copper, ceramic, or hard metal.

Depending on user needs, components such as pump housings, impellers and diffusers can be made of cast iron, copper, multi-alloy aluminum, chrome steel or plastic.

Well pump - borehole pump
Well pump – borehole pump

Structure of borehole pump

Because borehole pumps – rocket pumps are in direct contact with minerals in the soil, they are usually made of corrosion-resistant materials. The borehole pump consists of two main components:

    • The foot part contains the pump mechanism and is in contact with the water to be pumped. The pump mechanism is usually made of stainless steel or plastic to resist wear and minerals impact on the impeller
    • The head section, which serves as the weight-bearing part and outlet for the water. Constructed of durable materials such as stainless steel…

Working principle of borehole pump

It is a centrifugal pump. So the working principle of the borehole pump is the same as the centrifugal pump. That is, based on the principle of centrifugal force to attract and push water through the pipe and go to the ground. With such a depth, the use of a multistage centrifugal pump head will help increase the water pressure, with enough capacity to push the water up.

However, from starting the pump to the time you see the water coming out of the pipe, it will take a certain amount of time.

Note when choosing borehole pump

To choose and install a borehole pump that meets the system requirements as well as achieves an efficient operating state, we need to consider a few factors such as:

Pressure and flow

Whether used in any application, flow and pressure are always prerequisites for users to choose to buy a pumping device. Here the flow is the amount of liquid or water that needs to be transported. And the required level of pressure is created to move the liquid from one place to another. With borehole pumps often installed deep in the ground, so the problem of pressure head is always concerned. If the head is not selected correctly, the water – fluid will not be pushed to the ground.

Total head

Head is the maximum height of the water, or liquid, that the pump can push. The total head for the good pump/borehole pump depends on factors such as the height above ground, the diameter, and length of the pump pipe, the water level, etc. And is related to the design of the pump such as capacity, number of impellers of centrifugal pump…. Especially for this line of submersible well pumps/borehole pumps, people often make equipment with high capacity and many stages to support the process of pumping water from deep underground to the surface of the well to be maximized. multi.

Pumping distance

The water or liquid pumped from a deep well underground will be brought to the end of the pumping equipment. The pumping process of a good pump, borehole pump consists of 2 stages.

    • Pumping liquid from below the bottom to the top of the borehole
    • Pump from good mouth to storage point
Construction of borehole pump
Construction of borehole pump

Diameter of borehole

Before drilling, users should measure the diameter of the well specifically. The diameter of the well bore will determine the diameter of the pump to be installed.

Pump pipe size

Pump pipe size is also an important point related to pump efficiency. Small diameter pumps will create more friction than large diameter pumps. Simultaneously cause pressure loss and energy consumption to compensate for the loss of friction.

Borehole pump size

Depending on the capacity, the borehole pump has many different sizes. But in general, they are quite similar in shape. With a cylindrical shape, round and long. With a diameter suitable for popular drill bits in Vietnam. The borehole pump lines of EU origin distributed by Thai Khuong, will support you well in pumping and sucking the refrigerant deep in the ground, as well as exploiting clean water, underground water…

Borehole pump propeller

The borehole pump impeller is the part that is responsible for drawing water from the suction head, and pushing the water out of the pump chamber through the discharge head. The water will be pushed through the pipe to go up from the ground and go to the water storage place.

This is a continuously operating part. And the highest possibility of wear. Therefore, periodic inspection and replacement of borehole pump propellers is necessary. Why? You know, this impeller directly affects the pump’s performance. If the impeller is worn or damaged, it will affect the flow and pressure of the fluid source.

Currently, Thai Khuong has also stocked spare parts and accessories related to this rocket pump line. In case of need, please contact the information below!

Caprari borehole pump
Caprari borehole pump

Advantages of borehole pump

Borehole pump is a special and famous pump with advantages such as:

    • The pump has a high pressure head, pushing water up to a height of more than 100m
    • Pump works continuously and durable
    • The pump works without noise due to being deep in the ground
    • The pump cools well thanks to being trapped in the pump fluid
    • Especially, the pump is submersible in the ground, so the borehole pump is built with good materials to minimize maintenance.
    • Self-priming and powerful pump

Application of borehole pump

Borehole pumps are being widely used in civil and industrial applications. With the scarcity of groundwater, dug wells no longer have enough water to meet daily needs. Digging or dredging dug wells is not possible with depths beyond 20 m. That’s why we choose the well drilling solution. And good support for the well is no other device than a submersible pump or rocket pump. They have the ability to suck and push at a depth of more than 100m underground.

Application of borehole pump
Application of borehole pump

In addition, borehole pumps are also used in many cases such as:

    • For sprinkler irrigation system
    • Pumping water into a reservoir or tank
    • Applications in the farm
    • Agricultural cultivation
    • Watering and pumping water for livestock
    • Used in mining
    • Mining resources in the ground
    • Mine Dewatering…

Selling price of borehole pump

Perhaps the most troubling issue is the price of the borehole pump. Are they expensive? Is there a cheap borehole pump?

The answer is, any price is available. Indeed, it depends a lot on the quality of the pump line, the origin of the pump as well as the brand of the borehole pump.

With the particularity of the pump line being submerged deep in the ground, the use of a pump with high durability, stable working capacity, is a necessary requirement. Why? Because with a depth of 70-80 meters, even more than 100 meters. Every time maintenance or troubleshooting is an extremely difficult and labor-intensive problem. to pull the pump to the ground.

Therefore, the issue of borehole pump cost will no longer be the most important issue in the pump selection criteria. Please choose a reputable and reliable pump brand. Maybe a European brand for example. To bring peace of mind and reduce unnecessary risks.

What type of borehole pump is good?

What type of borehole pump is good? Also a legitimate user question. But it’s not hard to find the answer. Because in the past, the saying “you get what you pay for” has always been true. That said, not all European and American goods have high prices. But now, with the competition in the market, we can own good brands at affordable and reasonable prices.

For more details, as well as to receive a quote on the Italian borehole pump line with EU origin, please contact Thai Khuong for support!

Borehole pumps

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