Borehole Pumps

Borehole pumps (also known as bore pumps, well pumps or bore water pumps) are a type of submersible pumps that are used to control water and liquid supply in various mining, farming, deep wells, rainwater reticulation and petroleum capture applications. Most borehole pumps are designed for borehole and submersible pressure systems, varying with the hole depth and operating flow rate required. Popular multistage bore pumps can be powered by Vasco variable speed drive controllers to sustain their set pressure and operate only when needed, saving energy and extending the life of the pump.

Bore pumps can be mounted horizontally in a shroud and be supported under a pontoon in a dam keeping them free of silt, also in rainwater tanks where the pumps are secure and protected from vandals, for example in multiple occupancy buildings. Larger bore pumps are used in major irrigation requirements with large flows. In remote areas where power is not available, these can be powered by diesel engine, and smaller bore pumps can be solar powered. The major borehole pump manufacturer is Javelin.

Borehole pumps

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