Vertical Pumps

Ứng dụng bơm trục đứng

The vertical pumps mainly covers different configurations like submersible, double case, wet-pit, solid handling, sump, and slurry. They obey the standards of ISO (International Organization for Standardization), ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) otherwise API (American Petroleum Institute) efficient processes, and guarantee reliability. These types of pumps are available in various sizes, material as well as hydraulic combinations. These combinations are specifically suitable to utilize in different applications like where inflexible consistency & efficiency over an extensive range of flow are inputs. This article discusses an overview of vertical pumps.
What is a Vertical Pump?
The vertical pumps is also known as a deep well turbine pump. These are mixed flow, or a vertical axis centrifugal pump which includes stages of rotating impellers & stationary bowls to process the guide vanes. Vertical pumps are utilized wherever the level of water pumping l is under the volute centrifugal pump limits.

These pumps are expensive and are more complicated to fit and refurbish. The designing of pressure head mainly depends on the length of the impeller as well as the speed of its rotation. The pressure head which is designed with single impeller cannot be great. Because an extra l head can be attained by inserting extra stage otherwise bowl assemblies.

Vertical Pumps

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