Drum pumps
Drum pumps refers to pumps that are used to empty barrels, tanks, IBCs and drums. Many liquids used on manufacturing and processing plants are delivered in 100 or 200 litre barrels and are too heavy to tip to empty the liquids inside. Drum pumps consist of a vertical shaft inside a narrow tube which fits inside the drum opening. The pump motor is attached to the vertical shaft at the top of the tube outside and above the drum and the pumping element is located at the end of the shaft inside the drum. This configuration allows the drum to be emptied without tipping and so reduces the risk of spills and operator injury.

Primary uses of drum pump are in 55 gallon barrels but they are also used in 5, 15, 30, 55, 275 and 330 gallon containers. Drum pumps come in many forms from simple rotary style to a variety of other styles like lever, siphon, double diaphragm, electric, air, piston, etc.

Also referred to as Container Pumps, Barrel Pumps and Tote Pumps.