Gear pumps

Gear Pumps are a series of volumetric pumps capable of pumping at high pressure and efficiently pumping high viscosity fluids.

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Cross-section of the gear pump
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What is a gear pump

The gear pump is also known as the sprocket pump. It is a specialized pump for high-viscosity,… that other pumps cannot meet or are inefficient in terms of performance. So what are the specific characteristics of gear pumps? Their structure, principles, advantages and disadvantages, and their applications? This article, Thai Khuong, will clarify these issues for you. Simultaneously share with you about 2 popular lines of gear pumps for industrial use.

Gear pump characteristics

– Simple structure, easy to fabricate.

– Ability to work with high precision, compact size.

– Number of revolutions and capacity per unit of large weight.

– Ability to withstand overload in a short time.

These advantages are essential for a pump used in hydraulic drive systems.

It is used in medium pressure hydraulic systems. In high-pressure hydraulic systems, the gear pump is often used as a primary pump.

Also, gear pumps are transported with chemicals such as sodium silicate, caustic soda, plastic, enamel, binders, fatty acids, paints, powder, juice, syrup, alcohol, kerosene …

Structure of gear pump

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Structure of a gear pump

Gear pumps are flow pumping volume is often used in the hydraulic system pressure to suck average more viscous liquids such as oil, asphalt. In addition, gear pumps are used as primary pumps in high-pressure hydraulic systems.

The structure of the hydraulic gear pump is simple, easy to fabricate, and withstands overload in a short time. Therefore, the gear pump is widely used in many fields.

The structure of the gear pump includes:

– Active gear (Drive Gear)

– Passive gears (Slove Gear)

– Pump casing (Casing)

– Pump shaft (Shaft)

– Oil supply line (Discharge Nozzle)

– Discharge Nozzle

– Seal (Pump Seal)

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Principle of gear pump operation

Principle of gear pump

The gear pump is operated according to the principle of conduction and compression of liquid in a closed volume with variable capacity. From the gear pump structure, we have the working process of a gear pump which is as follows:

The active gear is connected to the shaft of the rotating pump, pulling the passive gear. Liquids in the grooves will be moved from the suction chamber to the push chamber along with the pump chamber. The suction compartment is tightly separated from the push chamber. Since the volume of fluid in the thrust zone decreases as the gear pairs enter the joint, fluid is squeezed and pushed into the thrust tube at high pressure, pushing the pump.

Simultaneously with the pushing process, the suction process occurs as follows: When the gear pair comes into the joint, the fluid volume increases, the pressure-containing fluid drops below the pressure on the open surface, making the liquid flow continuously. through the suction tube to the pump. The process of sucking and pushing the fluid in the pump happens simultaneously and continuously.

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Animation describing the principle of gear pump

Pushing occurs when the gear engages the push chamber joint, and the fluid in the propulsion chamber is pressed and pushed into the propulsion pipe. At the same time, in the suction compartment, there is a pair of gears to match. The capacity of the suction chamber is drained, the pressure in the suction chamber is reduced. And the liquid will be sucked into the suction chamber.

Types of gear pumps

With the gear pump line, they will be divided into 2 separate categories according to their structural characteristics. We have:

Internal gear pump

Use inner and outer gears with the inner cutters and mesh with an internal gear. When the gears come out of the mesh on the inlet side, the liquid is pulled into the pump. Fluids are moved out of the discharge port by meshing gears. Some have a crescent-shaped partition that is used to assist in separating the input mass from the discharge volume between the two gears.

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Structure of the inner gear pump

External gear pump

Use two gears that are similar to the outer teeth for flow. Rotate the gear so that liquid enters the inlet port and flows in and out around the outer shell of the two rotating gears. When the liquid passes through the periphery, it is discharged to the exit port.

Bơm bánh răng ăn khớp ngoài
External gear pump
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Advantages and disadvantages of a gear pump

Each pump line has a unique shape and features. Therefore, they will be suitable for certain applications. Same with the gear pump line. They also have their own inherent advantages and disadvantages. Let’s analyze it together! For more details, we will analyze in-depth the two pumps as follows:

Advantages and disadvantages of the internal gear pump

– Compact size, convenient, convenient for moving – Closed design, difficult to disassemble ⇒ inconvenient for maintenance and maintenance
– Strong performance can handle many solid liquids (Molasses, Chocolate, Rubber …) – Difficult to monitor the operation of the machine
– Easy to adjust pump flow, return pump back to the chamber to help protect the machine – In particular, “initial” damaged traces are difficult to detect

Advantages and disadvantages of the external gear pump

– Open design, easy to disassemble, clean ⇒ Convenient for maintenance – Large size, harder to transport than the inner gear pump
– For smoother handling of thick, viscous liquids – When operating, there is a loud noise
– Ability to adjust pump flow, return pump chamber to protect the machine – Cannot pump super viscous solvent

When choosing should be very precise about the liquid to be handled to choose the most suitable industrial gear pump!

Gear pump application

With its own advantages, hydraulic gear pumps are used in many projects and systems in many industries. Typical as:

  •                      Support the construction industry.
  •                      Used in forklift parts.
  •                      Applications in elevators.
  •                      Specialized in juice and sauce factories
  •                      Application in the hydraulic oil pump, FO.
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Where to choose the quality gear pump?

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At the same time, we are ready to support industrial pump warranty services with a team of experienced technicians. Commitment to support customers within 24 hours after receiving feedback.

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