Pumping volume: Classification and pump function

Definition of volumetric pump

Volumetric pump is an industrial pump used to transport and treat liquids such as chemicals, water, sewage, gasoline … Pumps are applied to liquids with high viscosity as well as high pressure, and used with low flow. Volumetric pumps provide more accurate measurement results than centrifugal pumps,

A volumetric pump converts mechanical energy into potential and drives the liquid by continuously compressing a fixed mass and circulating the fluid throughout the pump system in a periodic manner.

Một số dòng máy bơm thể tích dùng cho hóa chất

The mechanism of action of the volumetric pump

Although volumetric pumps have many designs and shapes. But their operating structure is always divided into two main types: Rotary pumps and reciprocating pumps.

The rotary pump relies on the movement of gears to transport fluids. The rotating pump device creates fluid flow that flows inside the casing and creates suction at the inlet of the pump. The liquid is sucked into the pump and located in the grooves of the gear and finally fed into the exhaust. Types of rotary pumps include: gear pumps, screw pumps, star vane pumps, peristaltic pumps, vane pumps.

Cơ chế hoạt động bơm thể tích

The reciprocating pump operates by the up and down motion of the plunger or diaphragm to create a vacuum. Then open the inlet valve, close the exhaust valve and draw liquid into the plunger chamber (called suction stage). And when in reverse motion, the inlet valve is under pressure and closes, and the discharge valve opens bringing fluid from the plunger chamber into the exhaust (compression stage).

The plunger pump can also work at both inlet and outlet valves at both ends. When the piston end is in the suction stage, the other end is the compression stage. Types of reciprocating pumps include: Diaphragm pumps and plunger pumps.

Volumetric pump flow

Diaphragm pumps are self-priming, non-seal pumps, with low flow rates and high pressure resistance. Used in the treatment of water, oil, paint and corrosive liquids.

Máy bơm màng
Máy bơm màng

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O-shaped plunger pump is used to pump water with high pressure, low viscosity liquid, produce oil, spray paint …

Bơm piston

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Gear pumps are used for pumping highly viscous liquids in petrochemical, chemical and food industries.

Máy bơm bánh răng
Bơm bánh răng

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Pump wing pumps have a design that is easy to clean and disinfect. Used in chemical, food and pharmaceutical industry.

Bơm cánh khế
Bơm cánh khế

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The screw pump transports fluid vertically of the helical shaft, providing high flow efficiency. Often used in oil production, fuel transportation.

Bơm trục vít
Bơm trục vít

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Vane pump is suitable for low viscosity liquids, used in fuel transmission, beverage dispensing. Pump impeller withstand abrasion from fixed solid particles. Although it has many functions, a volumetric pump is a pump that has a lower speed than a centrifugal pump and is only a solution to handle the conditions and fluid characteristics that centrifugal pumps do not. Because the mechanism of the volume pump is only suitable for the specific properties of the liquid.

Bơm cánh gạt
Bơm cánh gạt

Above is information on the function, operation and classification of some pump lines of volumetric pumps. Hopefully the article above will help you better understand this pump line! For further information, please contact Hotline +84 941 400 488 for more advice.

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