High-pressure pumps

We have heard a lot about high-pressure pumps. But do you not understand this pump line how it works? And in fact, how many types of high-pressure pumps are there?

In this article, Thai Khuong will send you the most basic and easy-to-understand knowledge about this high-pressure pump.

High-pressure pumps
High-pressure pumps

What is high pressure pumps?

Many people confuse that high-pressure pumps and booster pumps are the same. But actually, they are two utterly different pump lines.

High-pressure pumps always appear in works to push water for high-rise buildings.

High-pressure pumps appear in industrial CNC cutting applications that use high-pressure water as the cutter.

Used in pressure washer applications for industrial cleaning purposes…

There is a common misconception that pumps generate pressure. However, what the pump does is move the water. Instead, the force exerted by the water as it flows through the pump creates pressure. So, when talking about pressure from a high-pressure pump, we are looking at the speed aspect of the pump moving water through the pump chamber with a specific measurement of liters per minute.

With 1 gallon/min = 4.55liter/min = 0.0045m/min

There are several types of high-pressure pumps

There are several types of high-pressure pumps
There are several types of high-pressure pumps

According to the experience that Thai Khuong has fought with pumps for more than a decade. Thai Khuong found that there are three main high-pressure pump lines. They can be named as:

High pressure multistage centrifugal pump

Piston high-pressure pump

High-pressure screw pump

Each line will have its characteristics, but in general, they are classified according to high-pressure pump lines based on the flow pressure they create when operating.

For example:

High-pressure multistage centrifugal pumps can produce heads up to 1000m in height, or in other words, these pumps can generate flow pressures up to 100bar when they are in operation. These pumps are often used in apartment construction projects, high-rise buildings, etc.

Construction of high-pressure pumps

Because the overview and detailed articles of each of these pumps Thai Khuong have already been shared on the website, in this section, Thai Khuong will not repeat the details of each line!

Based on the classification as Thai Khuong shared, presented in the above section. The structure of the high-pressure pump lines will depend on the type of pump itself.

The multistage centrifugal high-pressure pump has the same structure as the general multistage centrifugal pump. But there is a difference in the impeller. For example, turbine impeller, side-channel impeller, or peripheral impeller…

Construction of high-pressure pump
Construction of high-pressure pump

High-pressure piston pumps have a plunger pump structure, which can generate pressures up to several thousand bars. They are often used in industrial cutting…

The screw pump is similar to a conventional screw pump. But they can create pressures up to a hundred bar…

Principle of a high-pressure pumps

The general operating principle of high-pressure pumps is to create a high water column and push the water away.

Regarding the general operating principle of each line, they depend on the type of pump used.

You see, according to the above classification, we will have three main pump lines and have three different ways of structure as well as the detailed operating principle of each line.

Please read the article about the centrifugal pump, multistage centrifugal pump, piston pump, and screw pump better to understand each line’s structure and operating principle!

Uses of a high-pressure pumps

Although you rarely see high-pressure pumps in action, they are used in many commercial, industrial, and even residential facilities.

For example, you will find a high-pressure pump in a water supply pump system for an office building or apartment building… These pumps primarily concern how high the water column is pushed from the stream—high-pressure pump.

Power plants that produce electricity will have high-pressure pumps to turn generators. Typically, these are high-pressure steam pumps, where the steam from the boiler moves the turbine, which then turns the generator.

Uses of a high-pressure pump
Uses of a high-pressure pump

In addition, the pressure washer, is also a high pressure pump. Of course, the most obvious are the high-pressure car wash pumps at car washes,…

These are just some examples of applications where you will find a high-pressure pump in operation.

Where to buy an excellent high-pressure pumps?

Thai Khuong is proud to be a supplier of the highest quality high-pressure pumps in the market from famous brands such as Kamat, Caprari,… With multistage centrifugal pumps, high-pressure piston pumps,…

If you need advice or assistance in choosing a high-pressure pump, do not hesitate, contact Thai Khuong immediately to select the most optimal pump solution!

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