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Competence in high-pressure technology is KAMAT main target

KAMAT was founded in 1974, the company headquarters are located in Witten, a town in the center of the Ruhr area. Our highly qualified and motivated engineers and production staff take pride in designing and manufacturing high-quality products which our customers can fully rely on. Such quality is not left to chance: our Quality Management system is certified according to EN ISO 9001:2008 in all aspects such as development, construction, manufacturing, sales, and distribution.

KAMAT Headquater
KAMAT Headquarter

KAMAT has built up its reputation over the decades as being a leading international supplier of high-pressure technology systems for pumping fluids. But that is no reason for us to rest on our laurels! Success stories of yesterday are not the message our customers want to hear – our job is to meet the new market requirements of today and tomorrow. We are keen to accept the challenge and prove our strength by assessing the task to be performed, developing ideas, and then implementing the solution at full blast For more than 40 years we have specialized in one thing: High-pressure applications. We develop and produce plunger pumps and complex pump systems, as well as complete high-pressure systems, including pump accessories and high-pressure accessories – always at the most detailed manufacturing level. Our high-pressure pumps perform up to 1200 kW and 3.500 bar and can be specified in hundreds of variants to suit customer needs. Our products convince customers worldwide and from the most varied sectors, where they are found in mines in China and on drilling rigs in the Atlantic.

KAMAT High-pressure plunger pumps
KAMAT High-pressure plunger pumps

The possible applications of our high-pressure plunger pumps are extremely varied: Industrial cleaning, mining hydraulic stations, process pumps in the chemical industry, or also stress tests for pipelines,… By listening to what our customer has to say. A proper understanding of the customer’s problem is the basis for finding the perfect solution. The heart of each solution is a powerful high-pressure pump, selected from a wide range of possible performances. Flexibility is just one of our strong points: the types of machine available range from high-pressure units for cleaning jobs to individually designed machines for special applications in a variety of industries worldwide  

KAMAT Product distribution certificate:

KAMAT Product distribution certificate
KAMAT Product distribution certificate

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