Magnetic Drive Pumps

More accurately called a centrifugal pump, a Magnetic Drive Pump is a specialized industrial pump for the chemical industry. They have a different structure and working principle from other pumps on the market. Specifically about the magnetic pump? Let’s take a look at the content below!

What is a Magnetic Pump?

Magnetic pumps design to be driven by the force of a magnet. As a result, pumps of this type do not have a guide shaft, so there is no need for shaft sealing accessories such as gaskets or mechanical seals.
Magnetic pump
Magnetic pump

An external magnet is placed on the drive shaft with a magnetic drive pump and is responsible for transmitting the internal appeal connected to the impeller. The impeller rotates and moves the fluid through the pump. A shell separates both attractions.

They often use corrosive and abrasive chemicals such as seawater, acids, bases, solvents in food, pharmaceutical, chemical industries… With the outstanding feature of absolute sealing between the pump chamber and the pump chamber. The engine should not cause leakage of toxic chemicals affecting the environment and operators. This is a specialized product commonly used in chemical pumping applications, especially hazardous chemicals.

Magnetic pump construction

The pump uses magnetic materials such as samarium cobalt and neodymium iron boride. These materials will not allow the outer and inner poles to slide over each other, allowing high torque transmission to the rotors, and the most giant designed pumps can be up to 200 hp.

The structure of the magnetic pump includes parts such as:

    • Pump chamber
    • Impeller
    • Permanent magnets
    • Suction head
    • Discharge head
    • And some other accessories…
Structure of a centrifugal pump with magnetic drive 
Structure of a centrifugal pump with magnetic drive

Magnetic pump principle 

Magnetic pumps operate on the force of a magnetic field instead of connecting directly to the motor shaft. Therefore, these pumps do not need to use seals to seal the pump chamber, which means that the pump will not have leakage problems like other pumps. Magnetic-drive pumps are often called centrifugal pumps, or some say they are PD (Rotary Positive Displacement Pump) pumps. 

Magnetic driven pumps operate when the motor drives a magnetic force from the magnets outside the pump housing. Inside the cylindrical pump casing, a thin layer of compartments separates the inner and outer magnetic poles. 

The inner magnetic poles are attached to the centrifugal pump’s impeller or the rotor of the PD pump. The magnetic flux flows from the outer magnet to the internal appeal, which rotates the impeller/rotor without directly connecting to the motor. 

This seal-free construction offers many benefits, low maintenance costs, avoidance of seal leaks, and significant cost savings for systems requiring dual mechanical seals. 

Advantages and disadvantages of magnetic pumps 

Magnetic pumps mainly use in the chemical industry. Therefore, they have many advantages to serve these applications. But they are not without their drawbacks. Through this section, let’s analyze together! 

Magnetic pump advantages 

Magnetic pumps have many advantages in practical use. The most notable can be mentioned as: 

    • Resistant to liquid leakage.
    • High corrosion resistance.
    • The machine is compact, easy to use, and convenient for installation.
    • The working capacity of the machine is high.
    • Chemical, magnetic pump without pump shaft
    • Do not use seals
    • Fully sealed pump chamber, never leaking pump fluid
    • The pump chamber design with 100% plastic material so that it can pump all kinds of corrosive chemicals
    • The machine parts are discretely intended, so it is easy to disassemble, repair, warranty, and maintain
    • High working efficiency
    • Less energy consumption
    • Has perfect self-priming
    • Wide range of applications: Pumps are generally used for concentrated acids, dilute acids, H₄SO₄ 98%, 75% pumps for 30% HCL acids… 
  • Centrifugal pump with magnetic drive
    Centrifugal pump with magnetic drive

Disadvantages of magnetic pumps

    • For applications involving solids, even a tiny percentage, magnetic pumps are unsuitable as they only work with clean liquids with no solids.
    • Magnetic drive pumps require higher absorbed power than conventional pumps.
    • In terms of investment costs, magnetic drive pumps are pretty expensive, but they can also pay off quickly because of their easy maintenance and low prices.

Application of magnetic pump

A magnetic pump is one of the industrial equipment used to transport chemicals such as acids, bases, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, … and this is one of the industrial products used to pump chemicals. Chemicals, especially toxic chemicals, help reduce the impact of chemicals on the environment.

Magnetic pump application
Magnetic pump application

Typical applications:

    • For pumping hot concentrated acids, concentrated acids, strong corrosive acids, strong alkaline bases
    • Has applications in the waste treatment industry, chemical industry, petrochemical industry
    • Application in the paint industry with spray paint pumps, including solid paints
    • Application of plating spray pump
    • Used in the electronics industry
    • Applications in the pharmaceutical and food industries
    • In the paper industry
    • Used to pump solid substances: solid ink, solid glue, solid plastic
    • Application of rubber pump, liquid glass
    • Use hot oil pump, asphalt, hot asphalt
    • And many more areas,…

The chemical magnetic pump

The chemical, magnetic pump works on the principle of centrifugal force. Or, more precisely, a centrifugal pump with a magnetic drive. The chemical directs into the center of rotation of the impeller. Thanks to the impact, magnetic force creates centrifugal force, the chemical pushes to the edge of the pump impeller. External energy through the impeller has been transferred to the flow, creating pressure, partly forming kinetic energy causing the chemical to move.

Magnetic drive pumps are an excellent choice for pumping acids or other hazardous liquids. Using a conventional centrifugal pump with a mechanical seal will be costly to maintain because of its leak-proof design. Magnetic pumps find in other plants such as pulp mills, power plants, and water and wastewater treatment plants.

Price of the chemical magnetic pump

The chemical magnetic pump is specialized equipment. Therefore, the price of pumps from chemicals doesn’t consider cheap. But they have a price that is commensurate with their performance and features.

As the largest distributor of pumping equipment in Vietnam until now, Thai Khuong is proud to be a pioneer in providing solutions for converting and using magnetic pumps in many industries today!

Do you need advice and choose a pump from chemicals, or need a quote about this magnetic pump line. Please get in touch with Thai Khuong or leave contact information for Thai Khuong to support!

Magnetic Drive Pumps

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