Exclusive distribution of KAMAT in Vietnam

Established in 1974, KAMAT have applied high-pressure water pump technology to many different industries.

This pressure is applicable to hydraulic systems as well as to other forms of dynamic energy, such as high speeds. Ultra high pressure (high speed) water injection technology is used for many different fields. It can cut. drilling, grinding, sawing, peeling off and so on. After more than 40 years of establishment, applications for ultra-high-pressure water injection technology are constantly increasing and the potential for future development is huge.

Today, KAMAT researches and manufactures ultra-high-pressure pumps, super-high-pressure pumping systems as well as pump accessories and accessories at the highest standard.

With decades of experience, KAMAT has designed various pumps with pressures up to 3,500 bar and drive motors up to 800 kW enough to operate in the most demanding applications. KAMAT products are widely used in the world from the fields of coal mines in China to the pumping systems operating on the rig in the Atlantic.

From September 2019, KT-TM LTD Thai Khuong Becoming the exclusive distributor of KAMAT in Vietnam market. Thai Khuong and KAMAT are committed to bringing the best quality and service to our customers.

KAMAT High Pressure Pump
KAMAT High Pressure Pump

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