Thai Khuong has exclusive rights to FINISH THOMPSON (FTI) brand in Vietnam

Thai Khuong officially became the exclusive representative of the FINISH THOMPSON (FTI) brand in Vietnam

On June 7, 2022 at the head office, Thai Khuong officially became the exclusive representative of the world’s number one chemical pump brand – FINISH THOMPSON.
This is an important milestone marking the trust of the FINISH THOMPSON (FTI) brand and the ability of Thai Khuong in developing and distributing product lines of FINISH THOMPSON branded chemical pump equipment (FTI) in Vietnam in the past time.
Ký đại diện độc quyền FINISH THOMPSON
Signed exclusive representative FINISH THOMPSON
Both parties discussed business activities and agreed on a strategy to develop key chemical pump product lines of FTI, contributing to the strong recovery of the domestic industry.
This event helps customers not only easily choose a supplier for genuine FTI chemical pump products with the best price policy, but also with quality after-sales services from Thai Khuong. Services.
On the other hand, customers will be consulted with a package of solutions to control the system of fully automated chemical pumping equipment from Thai Khuong Automation.


Giấy chứng nhận phân phối độc quyền FTI
Certificate of exclusive distribution FTI
Thai Khuong cooperates with FINISH THOMPSON (FTI) to provide comprehensive product solutions including:
  • Stock available – Delivery – Installation – Operation now
  • Free Consultation
  • Maintenance service – repair package
  • Solutions – technology for automatic control of chemical pumping equipment system according to industry trend 4.0
With imported high quality products with the best price policy provided to customers, Thai Khuong believes that it will help customers improve production efficiency, master advanced technologies in the world. right at your business!
Contact Thai Khuong as soon as you need a solution to use FTI chemical pumping equipment for your production process.