Wetted parts are in forged polished plates and investment cast and electropolished CF-3M 1.4409/ AISI 316L (1.4404) stainless steel.
Investment cast and electro – chemical polished. Internal finishs 0,5 micron Ra are available on request.
Flow rates up to 75 m3/h, heads of more than 60 m
Maximum inlet pressure: 4 bar
Temperature range: -10 to -120 oC

Food proceesing, Dairy, Beverage, Chemical, Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical industries. The open impeller allows a large range of product such as purified water, juices, cream, ice-cream mix, milk, wine, spirits, whey and WFI to be safely tranferred. While with a higher effeciency closed impeller, clean liquids without solids can be pumped at medium-high he-ads (max. 40-50m) to feed pasteurizers and coolers, concentra-tors, filters, CIP systems, etc.