Thông General product information: 1000 Series Lubrication Pumps – Tuthill

  • Name: 1000 Series Lubrication Pumps
  • Class: LUBETECH (Internal Gear Pumps with Cast Iron Body)
  • Type: Gear Pumps
  • Application:
    laboratory, water purification, lubrication, fluid transfer, recirculation, cooling, chemical metering, sampling, temperature control, medical, additive delivery, proportioning, chemical handling, refrigerant recycling, lasers, oil filtration, and others.
  • Origin: USA
  • Brand: TUTHILL
  • The product is officially distributed in Vietnam by Thái Khương Pumps

Technical data:

  • Max speed: 1008-1010 up to 3600 rpm and for 1012-1024 up to 1750 rpm
  • Max differential pressure 18 bar (261psi) For higher pressure consult the factory
  • Max inlet pressure 45 bar (653psi) Dependent on type of mechanical seal fitted
  • Max temperature 200ºC (392ºF)
  • Modular design for ports and bushings
  • Flange has an o-ring seal

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