General product information: D Series Pumps Powered by ORBIS™ Technology – Tuthill

    • Name: ORBIS – D series (brushless DC motor technology available eon selected D series pumps)
    • Class: TECHNAFLO (Mag-drive External Gear pumps)
    • Type: Gear Pumps
    • Application:
      Chemistry, Medical Devices, Clinical Chemistry, Continuous Inkjet Printer, Hemodialysis Device, Laser Cooling, Color Slide, …
    • Origin: USA
    • Brand: TUTHILL
    • The product is officially distributed in Vietnam by Thái Khương Pumps

    Technical data:

    • Flow range up to 42 GPH (up to 160 LPH)
    • Differential Pressure to 80 PSI (5 BAR)
    • System Pressure to 150 PSI (10 BAR)
    • Viscosity 0.3 CPS to 2,000 CPS

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