Thông General product information: Heavy Duty (HD) Process Pumps – Tuthill

  • Name: D series TechnaFlo mag-drive external gear pumps (available in Stainless Steel, Hastelloy, Titanium)
  • Class: TECHNAFLO (Mag-drive External Gear pumps)
  • Type: Gear Pumps
  • Application:
    Applications – Pulp & paper, chemical processing, meat processing, wastewater, chocolate, adhesives, polymers, asphalt, sludges, slurries
  • Origin: USA
  • Brand: TUTHILL
  • The product is officially distributed in Vietnam by Thái Khương Pumps

Technical data:

• Flow: Up to 650 GPM
• Pressure: Up to 500 psi
• Viscosity: Up to 4,400,000 cts
• Temperature: Up to 525°F
• Self-Priming: Up to 14 feet

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