VDMX DMAX diaphragm valve – Definox

  • Name: Aseptic valve
  • Brand: Definox
  • Origin: France
  • Applications: food, chemical,…
    Products are officially distributed in Vietnam by Thai Khuong Pumps


  • Dimensions: Diaphragm valve from DN 9/13.5 to DN 41.8/48.3 ISO STD; Sampling diaphragm valve from DN 6/8 to DN 16/18 DIN
  • Operating devices: MANUAL – DMX: ergonomic handle with visual opening indicator; AUTOMATIC – DMAX: single or double stainless steel bracket. Point-to-point or AS-i control unit. ICS (from DN9 to DN53).
  • Surface conditions: RA exterior = 1.2 µm (150 grit); RA interior = 0.8 µm(180 grit); 0.4 µm (240 grit) on request; 0.2 µm (320 grit) on request.

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