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Paints are mainly used to protect, decorate or serve some special functional purposes The protection value of the coating is important for exterior or interior surfaces but the external environment is particularly challenging for paint. That is why paint here must be able to withstand the most extreme test. Exterior paints must protect the surface from humid, radioactive, ultraviolet (UV) and atmospheric pollutants and growth of fungi that degrade wood, masonry and even metal surfaces. It is important to consider the fact that the film is usually not 50-75 microns thick – the thickness of a newspaper.
The paint’s importance that was shown in the life; currently, we do not have any a new choice for decorating, protection…exclude use paint.
Special paint functions that are not easy to see them. It is able to obscure fouls in the surface.

High gloss paint has the effect of correcting light and heat radiation.
Some paints provide greater wear resistance for the painted surface. Others offer the ability to slow down the fire process. Some paint is just for eye-catching purposes (make it easy to identify).v.v…

However, no matter what the purpose of the paint is, the degree of success is in the ability of the protective, decorative or functional coating to bond to the substrate and retain the essential properties. Care must be taken to obtain a suitable coating system (from primer to topcoat). Pay special attention to surface treatment and skilled work.
Pump stages in the paint industry:
• Process of pumping paste into crusher, we use gear or Air operated double diaphragm pump for it.
• Transmission pumps: After crush, we use the pump to transfer into the tank before filling the paint
• Use the pump to pump from the tank into the filter and transfer to the packaging.

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Printing ink from the very beginning was an indispensable part of the printing industry’s history, because it was the raw material of the letters on each print, but few people knew the history of the printing press and its value.

Ink is a material of the printing industry that has a long history of development and over many centuries is still one of the most indispensable ingredients in any printing technique.

Pump stages in the paint industry:

  • Use the pump at the first stage to pump the varnish into the tank to mix with the pigments
  • Then use the pump to pump the mixture into the crusher (ball type of crusher or three-axis crusher)
  • Then use the pump from the crush into the finished product tank before packing and transfer to the packaging company.
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Water supply has a very important role in the life. Water is an essential need for all living creatures, with the development of the economy, the urban environment and the increase in population, to meet the increasing demand for production and living. Natural water is becoming increasingly exhausted and polluted.

That why people must know how to treat the water supply to ensure quality for living and industrial production. Most industries use water as an irreplaceable source, depending on the nature and industrial needs of the water so the quality and quantity of feed water are different from than each purpose.

Water supply system includes: raw water treatment system ( underground & surface water) and water transmission system.

The treatment technology for fresh water depends on the capacity and nature of the raw water to select the most suitable treatment method to meet the environmental technical standards before discharge to others station according to Vietnamese regulatory standard.

In each any technology, processing system is done through the process. With each stage, the raw water will be different, so each stage will have specialized pumps are used to ensure the treatment system is optimal for the final result is the source of clean water.

  1. Raw water collection: Centrifugal and submersible pump
  2. Water treatment : Low and high pressure centrifugal pumps are used
  3. Water transmission: Horizontal and vertical centrifugal pumps

The fire fighting system is an indispensable system with any house such as warehouse , apartment and factory. Especially in apartment building, it is necessary to focus and tighten the check to ensure the safety of people and property. Therefore, the fire fighting system is always focused on installation and maintenance by the investors.

Currently, there are many types of fire protection systems from manual to automatic, from simple to complex. Three of the five most popular fire fighting systems nowadays use pump equipment:

1. Semi-automatic fire fighting system.

The system is of a classical type, consisting only of a fire box and a fire hose reel connected to a fire hydrant pump system via water pipes: Single-stage centrifugal pumps and multistage centrifugal pumps.

2 Sprinkler system

This system is most commonly used today. Its mechanism of operation is to spray directly into the burning area where Sprinkler is activated: large capacity of centrifugal pumps + multi-stage with high pressure pumps

3 Flood system

This system is designed to spray large, dense water, which covers a wide area, spraying out at the same time with multiple nozzles arranged in sequence as required by the scene. Therefore, this system requires the use of large-capacity fire-fighting water pumps: large-capacity centrifugal pumps + high pressure

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Cassava starch is one of the most important ingredients used in most industries such as pharmaceuticals, excipients, food production, maltese … One of the most common starches is cassava starch, almost accounted for the bulk of the starch market in Vietnam.

Human needs are increasingly diverse and diverse, entailing industries that serve change and development. Thus, the demand for starch for the industry has also increased steadily.

At present, cassava starch production is popular, especially in the Eastern (Tay Ninh, Binh Phuoc, Dong Nai, Binh Duong), Central Highlands (Kon Tum, Gia Lai, Dak Lak, Dak Nong), Mien Central (in Phu Yen, Binh Dinh, Quang Nam, Quang Ngai), Thanh Hoa, and some northern provinces. The pumps are used in most stages of production in cassava starch factories: horizontal centrifugal pumps, food centrifugal pumps, screw pumps, well pumps for water supply systems, separator, …

Currently, the plants focus on investing in new technology, pump equipment, spinning machines, starch separators … from famous brands EU / G7 to produce high purity products, higher quality. Some plants invest more to produce modified starches, which are more expensive and more widely used in health and food.

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In addition to its great contribution to the country’s economic development and its contribution to social welfare, the production activities of enterprises have also contributed to the negative impacts on the ecological environment. The particular concern is waste water.

To solve this concern in a socially responsible way to sustainable development, the construction of a wastewater treatment system for these activities is a mandatory requirement for a business to operate. It can meet the emission standards according to Vietnamese standard.

A wastewater treatment system includes: Industrial wastewater treatment system and domestic wastewater treatment system. The treatment technology for each of these wastewater types depends on the capacity and nature of the wastewater to select the most suitable treatment method to meet the environmental engineering standards before to dischargein to source according to QCVietnamese standard.

In each any technology, processing system is done through the process. With each step, the waste water, sludge and treatment chemicals will be different, so each stage will have dedicated pumps are used to ensure the system to achieve optimal performance.

1. Sewage transportation before and after treatment: centrifugal pumps, submersible pumps

2. Transportation chemical, chemical feed: Centrifugal pump, dosing pump

3. Sludge transport, and sludge treatment: Screw pumps, centrifugal pumps, compressed air pumps

4. Gas supply system: Low-pressure screw blower

5. Mixing tank: mixer

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Since it be shown to nowadays, it has become a very important resources for economy, politics and society. The more oil and gas are knowledgeable, the greater the demand for oil and gas for all economic activities, technology and livelihood of the people. As a result, oil and gas activities have been accelerated and developed  and these activities have become the most modern and important industrial development in today’s economic and technical fields of the world.

So what is the oil & gas industry? “It is a combination of structures, organization of manpower, machinery and equipment to carry out activities of exploring, exploiting, transporting, storing and processing oil and gas to meet the demand economic development and people’s livelihood “.

With its role and purpose, the oil and gas industry has the following characteristics: High risk, but economic efficiency is great (exploration, mining). highly internationalized. Attract and utilize all technological advances into their operational objectives. Large investments, in strong foreign currency.

  • Stage of pumping in Oil & Gas

Many pump types are used in it

  • The pump is used in the crude oil stage from the oil tanker to the refinery petrochemical plant (these pumps are usually very large, usually three-axis, four-axis centrifugal pumps, high-capacity centrifugal pumps. )
  • Then pumped from the tank into production areas, oil refineries, petrochemicals and from here to create products such as gasoline, diesel and other products.
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Curently, products made from rubber have a special role for the industry development. Almost all rubber products are present in all of every industry. These include tire manufacturing, joint sealing, rubber gloves, mattresses, plastic tubes in the medical sector, footwear, children’s toys manufacturing.

In order to achieve the products from rubber (here mainly refers to latex rubber), in the production stages indispensable type of specific pump.

In the fie rubber gloves industry: Air operated double diaphragm pumps or progressing cavity pumps are commonly used to convert latex from tank truck into tanks. Then from there, pumping from the tank to the production stage to form the product.

In the production process, the plant also discharges the amount of wastewater that must be treated before being discharged into the environment. As this result, pumps used for wastewater treatment such as diaphragm, centrifuge, submersible and dosing pumps are used in this process. Therefore, the production process will be important factors to choose the appropriate pump solutions for different stages.

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Chemical pumps are commonly used in the chemical, cosmetic and other industries that require the use of chemicals such as the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry.

Chemical pumps do not have as diverse materials as other types of pumps which are usually plastic materials. Some cases of the chemical pump using stainless steel but with stainless steel requirements of 316 and above and absolutely avoid pumping concentrated acids and HCL acid.

Especially with this material, chemical pumps can not withstand high pump temperatures and can not run dry. Normally under 40 degrees C, chemical pumps can operate normally, only in some cases where the pump is able to withstand temperatures of <40 degrees Celsius.

Chemical pumps have many applications in life and modern industries

– Applications in the printing industry

– Applications in the paint industry
– Applications in chemical testing, scientific research

– Applications in the rubber, asphalt, liquid glass, …

In addition, chemical pumps have many other applications depending on the needs of users.

There are many ways to classify chemical pumps, the most typical of which is the chemical pump classification in the way it works. There are two types:

– Magnetic- driven chemical pumps

– Direct-driven chemical pumps “

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