Chemical pumps are commonly used in the chemical, cosmetic and other industries that require the use of chemicals such as the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry.

Chemical pumps do not have as diverse materials as other types of pumps which are usually plastic materials. Some cases of the chemical pump using stainless steel but with stainless steel requirements of 316 and above and absolutely avoid pumping concentrated acids and HCL acid.

Especially with this material, chemical pumps can not withstand high pump temperatures and can not run dry. Normally under 40 degrees C, chemical pumps can operate normally, only in some cases where the pump is able to withstand temperatures of <40 degrees Celsius.

Chemical pumps have many applications in life and modern industries

– Applications in the printing industry

– Applications in the paint industry
– Applications in chemical testing, scientific research

– Applications in the rubber, asphalt, liquid glass, …

In addition, chemical pumps have many other applications depending on the needs of users.

There are many ways to classify chemical pumps, the most typical of which is the chemical pump classification in the way it works. There are two types:

– Magnetic- driven chemical pumps

– Direct-driven chemical pumps “