Food pumps carry unique and high-class characteristics and standards. They belong to the segment of devices with strict constraints in terms of construction materials and installation design.

In this article, we will delve into the food pump line present in many food production plants throughout the industrial zones in Vietnam; follow along!

Food pump

Food pumps have special requirements for materials and design: Construction materials must be clean to ensure that no toxic mixtures generated. The material of the machine is not allowed to change the properties of the fluid. Usually made of inert materials, no chemical reactions or oxidation when in contact with some highly oxidizing substances.

Food pump
Food pump

In addition, it can withstand the mixed effects of high oxidants and hot and cold temperature changes.

Features of the food pump

As a line of specialized pumps for the food industry, they have many unique features, such as:

    • Must be made from unique materials, meeting food hygiene and safety criteria.
    • The structure of the pump design to be able to easily and quickly disassemble.
    • The details inside do not interfere with cleaning and cleaning after use
    • Working efficiency for food pumps is not high but must be optimized

Pumps used in the food industry

Currently, there are many types of pumps used in the food industry. Depending on the design of the system and the application to be used, we can choose the most optimal pump line, providing the best performance for the production process.

Food pump used in F&B
Food pump used in F&B


    • The screw pump with the system structure from 304 stainless steel material brings remarkable efficiency in pumping raw materials to the sugar industry, specifically in the stage of pumping molasses.

In addition, we can mention such as:

    • Food gear pump
    • Food diaphragm pump
    • Food Centrifugal
    • Pump Food vacuum pump, used in the production of finished products in the confectionery industry
    • Pneumatic food pump,…

Note when choosing a food pump

With any pump line, when we firmly grasp the system’s requirements and understand the specifications to use. Then choosing a pump line is not too difficult. The same goes for the food pump line. We also have the following notes:

    • The pump line that needs to be selected must meet the criteria of flow, pressure, and capacity to suit users’ needs.
    • Construction materials must meet the standards used in the food industry in general.
    • Suitable capacity, usually choose 1 level higher than design capacity
    • As a food pump, it must be easy to clean and sanitize after use
    • Should choose pump brands and brands with quality that has confirmed in the industry
    • Choose a reputable supplier with good installation advice, after-sales service and warranty

Examples of food pump specifications:

The manufacturing materials are completely smooth surface processing so that there are no holes for the food to stick to affect the quality of the food.
There shall be a surface roughness between 3.2 and 0.4 µm Ra.
The materials used in the pump must be stainless steel (316L stainless steel) made by monolithic casting technology.

The standards of the food pump

Currently, there are many models of pumps for the food industry, such as centrifugal pumps, vertical pumps, diaphragm pumps, screw pumps, magnetic pumps, etc. But in general, they must meet the following standards to ensure the following requirements. Requirements in production, pumping food F&B…

The pump used in washing vegetables
The pump used in washing vegetables

Standards in F&B foods can refer to as:

    • FDA: US Food and Drugs Standards
    • EHEDG: European Clean Equipment Design Group
    • QHD: Quality clean design
    • 3-A: Sanitary standards
    • 3A0/3A1: Sanitary/industrial standard (Ra 3.2 m)
    • 3A2: Standard of sterility (Ra 0.8 m)
    • 3A3: Standard of sterility (Ra 0.4 m)

Food pump application in production

Currently, production technology for the F&B industry enhances with modern, fully automated production lines. In addition, the requirements on food hygiene and safety standards are increasing day by day to bring safe and beneficial products to human health. That requires the pumping equipment to also meet the requirements in terms of technology and operation. That’s why we come across food pumps with 304 stainless steel structures raised to 316 and higher,… They have appeared in many lines such as:

    • The production lines of liquid ingredients: wine, juice, beer, beverage, fish sauce, vinegar
    • Systems for the production of thick products: milk, oil, vegetable oil, olive oil, soy sauce, emulsion, chilli sauce
    • Confectionery and ice cream production lines

Pumps for confectionery production
Pumps for confectionery production

In addition, pumps with this feature also use in other industries such as:

    • Pharmaceutical industry: Producing drugs, drug components, liquid medicinal forms,…
    • Cosmetics industry: toothpaste, shampoo, shower gel,…

Typical products of the food pump line:

    • Wright Flow Lobe Pump – UK
    • Pneumatic diaphragm pump meets FDA – Sanitary – USA standards

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