Bơm Dầu Mỏ Khí Đốt

Since it be shown to nowadays, it has become a very important resources for economy, politics and society. The more oil and gas are knowledgeable, the greater the demand for oil and gas for all economic activities, technology and livelihood of the people.

As a result, oil and gas activities have been accelerated and developed  and these activities have become the most modern and important industrial development in today’s economic and technical fields of the world.

So what is the oil & gas industry? “It is a combination of structures, organization of manpower, machinery and equipment to carry out activities of exploring, exploiting, transporting, storing and processing oil and gas to meet the demand economic development and people’s livelihood “.

With its role and purpose, the oil and gas industry has the following characteristics: High risk, but economic efficiency is great (exploration, mining). highly internationalized. Attract and utilize all technological advances into their operational objectives. Large investments, in strong foreign currency.

Stage of pumping in Oil & Gas

Many pump types are used in it

The pump is used in the crude oil stage from the oil tanker to the refinery petrochemical plant (these pumps are usually very large, usually three-axis, four-axis centrifugal pumps, high-capacity centrifugal pumps. )

Then pumped from the tank into production areas, oil refineries, petrochemicals and from here to create products such as gasoline, diesel and other products.

Pumps are also used to transfer oil from one stage to another. (Transmission pumps in various type and variants from cast iron, steel, stainless steel, plastic to higher materials such as duplex, super duplex)