Pumps For Paint Industry
Pumps For Paint Industry

Pumps For Paint Industry requires a wide variety of pumps. Different types of solvents are used in the Paint and Varnish Industry. The substances used in the paint and related products include dispersions, binding agents, primers and plaster masses, which cause damage to conventional pumps when used for pumping operation for a long time.

Hence, the manufacturing, processing and packaging of paints demand extremely wear-resistant and high-pressure pumps. Specialized heavy-duty paint pumps are manufactured to handle both low and highly viscous materials present in paints, lacquer and coatings. Here is where the advantages of specially engineered progressive cavity pumps come in. These pumps are ideal for many applications across a wide spectrum of the paint industry owing to their ability to handle viscous or solid content media.

These solvents need to be transferred, measured and blended with other solvents or media. Thai Khuong Pumps provide highly efficient and effective solutions for accurate metering, dosing, and fluids transfer in such scenarios.

Applications Pumps For Paint Industry

– Transfer pump

Paint pump with a stainless steel diaphragm

– Painting pump with polypropylene diaphragm

– Transfer pumps

– Pumps for isocyanate

– Pumps for paint

– Painting pumps

Details are as follows:

– Loading/Unloading/Transfer: across all steps of the manufacturing process to move raw or partially processed materials to the next step production

– Premixing: wide range from thin to viscous fluids, resins, oils, solvents, plasticizers, surfactants, glues and liquid pigments

– Grinding and milling: processing pigments, colourants and inks to remove clumps and create consistent paste material for batching and dispersion

– Batching/mixing/dispersion: pigment paste combined with resins and batch additives using gentle, low shear pumping to prevent damage as creates a flowable material

– Straining and filtration: used to adjust the viscosity, tint strength, colour, gloss and overall appearance before the batch is considered complete

– Filling: outbound containers filled with finished products that range from thin to abrasive and viscous fluids

– Wastewater and sump: facility treatment of all liquids generated on-site in its manufacturing process, including water runoff

– Filter press: remove byproducts and waste from the manufacturing process. The sludge formed from latex and water-based solvents can be captured, recycled and reused

Máy bơm sơn dùng trong dây chuyền sản xuất
Máy bơm sơn dùng trong dây chuyền sản xuất

Types of paint pumps commonly used

Gear pumps

Gear pumps are also involved in the paint production process, but they only stop at the stages of raw material production, pumping raw materials into the mixing tank…

Therefore, they receive less attention than diaphragm pumps.

Piston paint pump

They are also known as positive displacement pumps. They are the right pump for long and powerful paint pumping. Volumetric piston pump. Its volumetric efficiency can reach 98%.

They create motion through a moving piston to allow the paint to enter and exit. The higher the viscosity of the injected paint material, the larger the piston diameter should be. Since piston pumps are capable of generating more pressure than diaphragm pumps, they are specially used for coating lines in the following application:

Aerospace industry.
Marine and naval industry.
Automotive industry.
Wood industry.
Steel structure and manufacturer.
Manufacture of trailers and chassis.

Piston pumps can also be divided into:

Radial piston pump.
Axial piston pump.
Tilt barrel piston pump.
Angle push plate piston pump


Over the years, the use of positive displacement (PD) air-operated double-diaphragm (AODD) pumps in high-volume transfer operations with high-value liquids has grown in popularity. The reasons are obvious: because of their utilitarian design, AODD pumps are highly flexible, reliable, durable and resilient when used in even the toughest pumping environments.

This is due to the fact their method of operation gives them the ability to self-prime, deadhead and run dry with low shear, which allows them to immediately begin pumping when turned on and handle sensitive materials.

Their seal-less design also virtually eliminates the risk of leaks developing, which makes them ideal for handling hazardous materials. All of these features are making AODD pumps a first-choice option for the manufacture of paints and coatings.

Diaphragm pumps used in the paint industry have the following types:

– Mechanical diaphragm pump.

– Electric diaphragm pump.

– Hydraulic diaphragm pump.

– Pneumatic diaphragm pump.

For the paint industry, Thai Khuong is currently supplying piston pumps, gear pumps and diaphragm pumps of famous brands from Europe such as Kamat, Envirogear, Blagdon…

If you have a need for advice on equipment for the paint and emulsion industry… Please contact Thai Khuong immediately for quick support from pump selection to installation, operation and periodic maintenance.

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