Pumps for the mining industry

Mining is one of the two oldest and earliest fields of humanity from the beginning to the present – second only to agriculture in terms of development time,…

Along with the development of technology, the pumping equipment for the mining industry is also more diverse and has better mining efficiency. We are serving the increasing demand for mineral exploitation and natural resources of people.



Mining is one of the two oldest and earliest fields of humanity from primitive times to the present – second only to agriculture in terms of development time. History has proven that mining activities are always considered the primary industry and the essential condition for the growth of any human civilization.

Little change in importance, as well as always at the centre of global upheavals and even conflicts. It is enough to consider oilfield exploitation and oil and gas production to picture a large picture of the mining industry’s impact on the people. Oil extraction is the primary source of resources for all other sectors operating in modern times.

What is Mineral Mining?

The mining industry mineral mining includes the exploitation of materials, geological resources and precious minerals. The materials are extracted and then converted into mineral form to serve the needs of miners or users.

Typical activities in the mining industry include production, trading and exchange of minerals, resources, metals, ores,…

What is Mineral Mining?
What is Mineral Mining?

Today, the mining industry – mining minerals has been facing many complex challenges.

On the one hand, the amount of minerals is always a necessary resource to supply industries producing materials for daily consumption, so the natural output decreases day by day due to the increasing demand for mining by humans.

On the other hand, the commodity market that consumes resources and fuels is constantly fluctuating, making operations and exploitation costs change to keep up, which is a prominent problem characteristic of Vietnam this industry.

Therefore, it requires that mining companies and enterprises always operate efficiently, generate productivity and profit, continue to maintain operations, comply with regulations on environmental safety. and safety in mining.

The problem here is that the exploitation and supply of minerals always take place everywhere and at all times across the globe with high frequency, so to meet such mining intensity, the operating machinery and especially the Pumping equipment for the mining industry must ensure the required characteristics for use in the mining industry such as high efficiency, durability and ease of maintenance.

Pumping solutions for the mining industry

The pumps used in the mining industry are often the devices that play a particular role during the mining process.

Pumping solutions for the mining industry
Pumping solutions for the mining industry

It is easy to see some pump lines in the mining process, such as:

    • Centrifugal pumps
    • Submersible pumps
    • Oil well pump
    • Diaphragm pumps
    • Dosing pumps,… are the most used equipment in the mining – mineral pumping industry.

Depending on the needs of pumping liquids and the requirements of the mining process, the pumps used for mineral mines will take on the following functions:

    • Dewatering of corrosive sludge
    • Mineral treatment
    • Mud transport
    • Liquid dosing (chemicals and acids)
    • Water supply and drainage, water pressure boosting, wastewater treatment and transportation,…
    • Mining and sucking sand in river and lake beds
    • Exploiting groundwater for irrigation and domestic use

Centrifugal pumps are used in pumping a mixture of ore particles with a liquid solution. In addition, they are also used to pump and exploit construction materials, minerals in oil wells, mineral ores,…

Submersible pumps are used to pump deep into the ground, inside wells to extract crude oil, substances in the soil, etc… They are also used to release water in the mines, pump water waste, liquid sludge from the ore,…

With ore mines exploiting crude oil, coal, metal ,… with high viscosity, it is necessary to use diaphragm pumps. To solve the problem of pumping and transporting minerals into the mining system.

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Pumps for the mining industry