A sewage pump is a device that plays a crucial role in wastewater treatment – a concern of the whole society today. Mining and production enterprises faced the challenge of creating economic value and needing to build a wastewater treatment system to ensure hygiene and keep the ecological environment clean. The submersible sewage pump plays an essential role in this system.

A pumping system for wastewater treatment of an industrial park
A pumping system for wastewater treatment of an industrial park


What is wastewater? Why wastewater?

Everyone knows what water is called wastewater. But in reality, there are many sources of wastewater.

    • In civil, there is domestic wastewater
    • In industry, there is production wastewater,…

And the head of wastewater contains many harmful substances. If not treated, it will hurt the environment, directly affecting human health.

Wastewater classification

The classification of wastewater aims to control and assess the toxicity of the components present in the water. Consider whether they have adverse effects on the natural environment if released.

According to the regulations of the Department of Natural Resources and Environment, wastewater divide into several types, based on its origin:

    • Domestic wastewater
    • Natural wastewater
    • Urban wastewater
    • Industrial wastewater…

For each source, the collection and treatment or recycling process will be different. Mainly in the treatment phase with various chemicals and microorganisms. To renovate the water source, it can use it for other purposes.

Therefore, the classification of wastewater from the beginning will be convenient for us in choosing equipment such as wastewater pumps and wastewater treatment methods so that it is reasonable.

Why wastewater treatment?

Along with the process of technology development, production line. As well as the increasing demand for human consumption in today’s life. Therefore, the output is increasingly forcing factories to produce continuously, running 24/24. This problem generates more and more wastewater. However, the wastewater storage environment of each factory and each industrial park is limited. They need to be discharged to the outside environment to relieve the pressure of the reservoir.

From here, a problem arises: to check the norms of wastewater to avoid the direct discharge of hazardous chemical components to the outside environment, affecting our living environment.

Wastewater treatment station
Wastewater treatment station

That’s why we need to treat wastewater. And this work must be inspected and supervised by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.

Sewage pumping station – Wastewater treatment

You already know why wastewater treat. So what are the main components and equipment for a wastewater treatment plant?

The wastewater treatment station includes several types of equipment such as sensors of all kinds, control cabinets, cabinets for measuring wastewater indicators, pumps such as centrifugal pumps and submersible pumps,…

The wastewater treatment process aims to settle, filter, and remove pollutants following the National Technical Regulation QCVN. Based on the capacity and characteristics of wastewater, it will select the most optimal treatment technology.

The treatment process at the wastewater treatment station takes place as follows: Transporting wastewater; use physical, chemical, and biological methods to remove dirt and treat residual sludge.

Group of sewage pumps to use

Depending on the treatment stage of the characteristics of wastewater and sludge, the chemicals used will also be different.

Pumps for wastewater treatment
Pumps for wastewater treatment

Therefore, each stage will have specialized pump lines and groups to ensure the highest efficiency of the treatment system:

    • Stage of transporting wastewater before and after treatment: Centrifugal pump, submersible pump
    • Chemical transportation, chemical filling: Centrifugal pump, metering pump
    • Sludge transportation and sludge treatment: Screw pump, centrifugal pump, pneumatic diaphragm pump
    • Air supply system: Low-pressure air blower
    • Mixing tank: Stirrer

The end of the wastewater treatment process must ensure that the product meets the discharge standards and is safe for the environment. Excess sludge is further processed as agricultural fertilizer or discharged directly into the atmosphere.

Manufacturing (for non-industrial parks) and mining enterprises will often face problems with industrial wastewater.

There are two ways to handle this problem: Hire an environmental service company or build your wastewater treatment system.

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Sewage treatment pump
Sewage treatment pump

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