Abel Pump Technology is a leading developer and manufacturer of diaphragm pumps, reciprocating pumps designed for mining pole applications,…

Development history

In 1947, ABEL was founded in Düsseldorf by Mr. Wilhelm Abel as an engineering company in pump technology. Near a coal mining site in the German Ruhr region, Abel pioneered pump technology for pumping abrasive materials. Mining requires sturdy and reliable pumps to move water away from dirty mines, and the reliability of engineering equipment is critical. The lives of miners working hundreds of meters below ground depended on it.

Factory Abel
Factory Abel

Mining has grown further in ABEL’s history to become the industry’s leading supplier of seamless oscillating volumetric pumps to the mining industry. Today, virtually no pump manufacturer worldwide can offer a consistent range of pump solutions for mining this way.

Abel is a subsidiary of the Germany-based Hillenbrand Group and distributes pumps globally.

ABEL develops and manufactures reciprocating pumps for different flow rates and pump pressures and specializes in diaphragm and piston pumps.

Main product lines

    • Diaphragm pump (Electric piston, compact, hydraulic)
    • Piston pump (Sticking solids and high pressure)

More specifically, the main product lines are as follows:

Diaphragm pump

Abel pumps HMT series
Abel pumps HMT series

Electromechanical diaphragm pump

    • Available in metal or plastic
    • Provides powerful pumping for low-pressure applications
    • Up to 530 GPM and 120 psi

Compact diaphragm pump

    • Single or dual-acting pumps
    • Designed for tough applications
    • Pressure up to 950 GPM and 930 psi

Hydraulic piston diaphragm pump HM

    • Handling high pressure and increased flow rate
    • Pressure up to 450 GPM and 1450 psi

HMQ hydraulic piston diaphragm pump

    • Designed for high capacity, high pressure, and highly abrasive systems
    • Four diaphragm design
    • Capable of transferring abrasive slurries up to 3522 GPM and 3625 psi
Abel pumps EM series
Abel pumps EM series

HMT hydraulic piston diaphragm pump

    • Transfer abrasive slurry up to 2640 GPM and 3625 psi
    • Three-piston diaphragm pump runs slowly with simple operation
    • Handling abrasive materials with increased SC content

Piston pump

Solids handling pump

    • Transfer the dewatered or filtered sludge, recharge the incinerator and transfer the slurry.
    • Transport extremely abrasive, viscous, and compact fluids (e.g., dewatering sludge) at high pressure
    • Handles up to 880 GPM and 2300 psi

High-pressure pump

    • HP three-stage filter pump for high-pressure cleaning of filter cloths for chambers and membrane presses, up to 2300 psi
    • VHP pumps for long-term very high-pressure applications, uniquely designed for the needs of media such as acids, brine, and solutions, chemicals, margarine or lightly contaminated liquids, up to 350 GPM and 3625 psi

Typical applications

Application of Abel pumps
Application of Abel pumps

Abel Pump Technology’s products have applications in many different fields, but especially in the following applications:

    • Chemistry,
    • Water & Wastewater,
    • Ceramics,
    • Mining & minerals,
    • Energy,
    • Oil and Gas,
    • Steel,
    • Food,
    • Electric Factory,
    • Cement and filter juice supply pump,…

Currently, TKP is distributing and supplying official pumping solutions from Abel. If you need to choose or advise on the Abel pump line for your application, please get in touch with TKP immediately for the best and fastest support!