Affetti Chemical Pumps, established by Giuseppe Affetti, starts
its activity at the middle of sixties as industrial plant producer
in the field of corrosive liquids.

Thanks to big experience done at that time has been decided
to start the production of the first pumps in thermoplastic

From that time the number of pumps produced as been
increased has consequence of the Customers confidence
gained; step by step the Company Affetti as been able to reach
important market share both in Italy and in the export.

At the end of eighties, to improve the quality of the products and
the image of the Company, has been really important the good
work done from the technical department that has designed a
new range of magnetically driven pumps and a range of DIN/
EN 22858 – ISO 2858 horizontal pumps.

At the present time the Company Affetti has reached a high
quality level thanks to the internal quality control plan and also
to the innovative pumps test station in condition to certify the
performances up to 200 Kw motor powers. As consequence
of the large technology innovation and the ability to produce
strong and reliable pumps Affetti is one of the most appreciated
firm in his sector.