Blagdon is a famous diaphragm pump brand in the world. And in the Vietnamese market, Blagdon appeared very early in the production lines of cosmetics, F&B, etc. They often follow the lines and systems for products imported into the industry—our country. And now, Blagdon has an official distributor and representative in Vietnam.

History of the Blagdon brand

As a famous brand, what is the history of the brand? Let’s find out together!

Company Origin

Blagdon Pump was founded in the early 1950s by George Blagdon and George Flynn. The company started as a small engineering workshop supplying goods to local coal mines. The company’s first facility was located in the city of Durham in North East England.

Blagdon and Flynn

From his knowledge of the mining industry, Blagdon determined the need for a pump to remove the primary water from the coal face – And that’s why FP1 was born. In 1979 Blagdon produced his first gas-operated diaphragm pump. The first versions were made of aluminum and cast iron for use in mines. These pumps were quite rudimentary compared to the versions used today.

Blagdon Headquarters
Blagdon Headquarters

Change of owner

In 1981, they sold the company to Terry Harrison, who owned a pump rental business. Terry has invested heavily in the industry. And to expand, the company has moved to a 30,000 square meter facility in Washington and the North East of England. In 1997 Terry Harrison retired, and IDEX Corporation acquired the company.


IDEX Corporation is a company based in Chicago, USA. Since the establishment of IDEX in 1997, Blagdon has invested heavily in development and continues to do so to bring more options and practical effects of products to the service industry human life.

“As a company, we are committed to:

Provide our customers with an exceptional product and service and will strive at all times to provide unmatched customer satisfaction.

Protect the environment and prevent pollution for the benefit of employees, local and global communities, now and in the future. Please comply with all applicable environmental laws, regulations, and other company-registered requirements relating to its environmental aspects. Blagdon Pump and IDEX Pump Technologies (Ireland) Limited are committed to complying with the requirements of IS EN ISO 9001:2008 and to the letter and spirit of applicable OH&S and environmental legislation as well as environmental legislation as other requirements.

Improve the health & safety performance of Blagdon Pump and IDEX Pump Technologies (Ireland) Limited by providing a safe and healthy work environment for all employees and guests.

Continually improve our Management System, Process, Training, and Personnel Development, Goals & Indicators.

Check Blagdon Pump Features
Check Blagdon Pump Features

Blagdon Pump and IDEX Pump Technologies (Ireland) Limited aspire to become the world’s leading company in their field.” Representative of Blagdon shared!

Blagdon diaphragm pump products

Metal structure pump

    • Material options to suit many applications
    • Simple structure, easy to maintain
    • Self-priming, ideal for emptying containers
    • Pressure up 8.6 bar (125psi)
    • Flow rates up to 180 liters/min (48 gals/min)
    • Bolted construction for greater integrity
    • The correct weight ball valve for S.G. high and viscous liquid
    • Reliable pneumatic valve

Non-metallic pump

Blagdon Diaphragm Pump
Blagdon Diaphragm Pump


    • Simple structure, easy to maintain
    • Pure and conductive PTFE options are available
    • Chemically suitable
    • Flange terminal connection
    • ATEX safety standards
    • High-reliability pneumatic valve
    • Powerful pump design

Hygienic pump with food – medical standards

    • DIN/RJT and Ferrule connection range
    • Self-priming, ideal for emptying containers
    • Food Grade Elastomer – EPDM / PTFE
    • Pressure up to 8.6 bar (125 psi)
    • Capable of handling high viscosity and S.G.
    • Certified CIP Cleanable
    • Designed according to E.U. standards
    • 316L stainless steel material

FDA Pump

Food diaphragm pumps
Food diaphragm pumps

High-pressure pump

    • Solid structure, easy to maintain
    • Can easily handle oil, high SG
    • Smooth operation, less vibration, and wear
    • Pressure up to 16 bar (232 psi)
    • Flow rates up to 350 liters/min (92 gals/min)
    • Bolted construction for greater integrity
    • Reliable pneumatic valve

AP50 submersible pump

    • Designed for underground use
    • High intensity without spark
    • Solid texture
    • Modular design, easy to maintain
    • Spring-loaded vanes for instant starting
    • Pumps solid particles up to 6mm
    • Optional Viton seal for higher temperatures
    • Built-in base plate/filter
    • Automatic Overspeed control
    • Integrated oil tank – automatic lubrication


    • Pulsation Dampener
    • Filter Regulators Filter Regulators
    • Flange
    • Oil Bottle Assembly
    • Center Section

Application of Blagdon diaphragm pumps

Some of the specific manufacturing industries where the presence of Blagdon’s brand is a guarantee of the performance and quality of the finished product are as follows:


Blagdon diaphragm pump models in the ceramic industry include slip and enamel lines, filter presses for abrasive liquids, and cleaning products.

Blagdon diaphragm pump application
Blagdon diaphragm pump application

Chemicals & Petrochemicals

Blagdon diaphragm pumps have a significant advantage in the chemical and petrochemical industries, including acids, alcohols, hydrocarbons, solvents, and organics.

Coating industry

Blagdon diaphragm pumps are widely used in mixing, filling, and coating production lines, including paints, inks, dyes, resins, and adhesives.

Food & Beverage

It is a crucial pump line in the food and beverage industry, including beverages, dairy products, purees, juices, and preservatives. Almost all F&B factories have the Blagdon diaphragm pump line. They bring high efficiency in the filling, pumping raw materials, finished products,…


Wastewater treatment is also an area of ​​strength of the Blagdon line of diaphragm pumps. With unique construction and materials, they are suitable for challenging pump fluids such as wastewater, components, and other types of wastewater in many industrial zones.


Blagdon Certificate

Chứng nhận Blagdon

Thai Khuong is currently a distributor of the Blagdon brand in the Vietnam market. Therefore, solutions using diaphragm pumps Blagdon, Thai Khuong can satisfy you! Please refer to some pump lines right below!

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