The Caprari brand is one of the world’s leading brands in the production of water pumps, centrifugal pumps and vertical centrifugal pumps. Especially submersible pumps applied in wastewater, salt water…

Pump brand Caprari - Italy
Pump brand Caprari – Italy

History of the Caprari brand

Founded in  1945 by Amadio Caprari. The company has continuously expanded and diversified its business. Meet the specific and ever-changing needs of the world with professional products and services.

Caprari pump
Caprari pump

Caprari’s field of activity

With a team of experienced professionals, today Caprari is capable of providing the best and most effective solutions for all water requirements, including:

    • Agriculture: Water is drawn from underground aquifers, from rivers and lakes, and directed to the surface or directly to areas that need to be irrigated. Thanks to its wide range of pumps and electric pumps, Caprari is able to meet all types of irrigation requirements, in both the public and private sectors.
    • Water extraction industry: Caprari can meet the diverse needs of customers, from submersible pumps to draw water from deep wells into aquifers, to horizontal pumps to supply water systems. From the treatment of domestic wastewater, industrial wastewater to transportation and supply of purified water.
    • Oil and gas industry: Caprari knows the needs of these markets well, thanks to our experience and the many projects we have undertaken in many industries such as mining, oil and gas, fisheries, metals ,…
    • F&B manufacturing industry
    • Centralized wastewater and wastewater treatment: With a wide range of pumps, electric pumps and integrated solutions, Caprari is able to meet the wide range of needs arising from these sectors and to offer particularly worthy proposals trust.
    • Mining and processing industries such as: Cement, paper and pulp, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, textiles, tanning, energy, glass industry, etc.
    • Solution for fire protection pump system…

The main product lines of Caprari

We already know that Caprari’s field of activity is very wide with many industries and fields. Next, Thai Khuong will summarize the main and most prominent pump lines of the company, which Thai Khuong is representing for the Vietnamese market.


Pump model


Well submersible pump

Bơm chìm giếng khoan

Models: E4XP; E6P–E8P; E8R–E10R; E10S–E18S The submersible well pump lines are applied to the underground water exploitation industry, wells, both in agriculture, domestic and industrial

Vertical shaft centrifugal pump

Bơm trục đứng Vertical lineshaft

The feature of this line is that the pump chamber is submerged in the water tunnel (Vertical Line Shaft), the motor is located above. Typical for this line there are models such as P6–P18; P6P–P18P

Centrifugal pumps are used for residential and high-rise water supply systems, especially for fire protection systems.

Horizontal Centrifugal Pump

Bơm ly tâm trục ngang đơn tầng cánh

Bơm ly tâm trục ngang đa tầng cánh

Single-stage horizontal centrifugal pump series, with typical models such as Shaft pump: NC, MEC A, SCC, BHR Centrifugal pumps with single-stage horizontal shaft – single-stage has a model: MD

Application for residential water supply system, buildings, water transmission system, circulating cooling, fire protection system…

The series of horizontal multistage centrifugal pumps have models such as PM, PMXT, HMU

Vertical pump Bơm ly tâm trục đứng CVX

Representing the vertical pump line of Caprari are models such as CVX, HV

These vertical pumps are used in wastewater treatment, wastewater & centralized wastewater treatment

Submersible vertical shaft centrifugal pump

Bơm ly tâm đặt chìm

Models: K+, KT+

Application in wastewater treatment, wastewater & centralized waste treatment area. In addition, they are also widely used in water treatment industries in tunnels, in infrastructure treatment …

Centrifugal pump vertical shaft placed dry on land

Bơm ly tâm đặt cạn

Models: K+ Kompact

Application in wastewater treatment, wastewater & centralized wastewater treatment area

Mixer and aerator

Máy khuấy trộn

Models: CMD, CMR, CMB, Oxy Flow

Applied in waste treatment technology, and some other applications with textile fluids or suspended solids…

Thai Khuong sends you an overview video clip of the famous Caprari brand from Italy. At the same time, introduce the main pump lines that the company is providing. These are the same pump lines that Thai Khuong is representing in Vietnam.


Caprari Exclusive Certification

Thai Khuong is proud to be the exclusive distributor of Caprari pump products. Accordingly, Thai Khuong provides full-service consulting and support services, from pump selection to transportation, installation, and maintenance of Caprari branded pumps.

In addition, Thai Khuong always has spare parts and replacement parts available for Caprari brand pumps. To give customers the most comprehensive service when using Caprari pumps.

Caprari Certificate
Caprari Certificate

You can refer to the images and specifications of the Caprari pump products right below. When there is a need for advice and assistance in choosing a pump, do not hesitate, please contact Thai Khuong immediately for quick service and a complete package!

Caprari pump products

Submersible Pumps

Booster sets – Caprari

Centrifugal Pumps

SCC Split case – CAPRARI

Centrifugal Pumps


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