CSF is a famous industrial pump brand in the European market. CSF is trusted and appears in many fields such as F&B, dairy, chemical, and pharmaceutical pump industries,….


History of the CSF

CSF Inox SpA, founded in 1970 in Montecchio Emilia, a small town in northern Italy, is today a leader in both Italy and Europe in producing pumps mainly designed for food & beverage, dairy, chemical,… and pharmaceutical industries.

CSF was born based on ​​bringing together small businesses but capable of operating effectively in the market as they took a valid alternative to large-scale industries.

The team’s strength lies in having the flexibility of a small business with the catalog of a leading company. Over the last 20 years, CSF Group has purchased Bardiani in Fornovo Taro, a promising company producing sanitary valves, OMAC in Reggio Emilia, which owns a wide range of volumetric pumps, and becomes the manufacturer. The only manufacturer in Italy for this pump. And most recently, MBS in Parma, a company specializing in corrugated tube heat exchangers. To date, the group has more than 300 employees with a turnover of more than €60 million.

“While focusing on implementing the market expansion policy, the human factor and our values ​​have always been our number one priority. This is why we are known around the world through our brands. The relationships we build with our customers, suppliers, and partners. This principle has enabled us to fortify a relationship that has been tried and tested through the years; relationships We can trust. In our factories, wherever our Italian heartbeats.” CSF’s service philosophy is for customers around the world!

CSF pump
CSF pump

Orientation of the pump brand CSF

The primary purpose of CSF Inox is to provide a higher standard of quality for every product.

Since its inception, the engineering, manufacturing, and sales guidelines have been firmly rooted in the belief that “the CSF pump must stand out for its stability and reliability and guarantee excellent performance.”

Extensive technical experience has allowed CSF Inox to optimize its design and planning methods, develop with professionalism, and always with utmost customer care.

The technical and commercial experience represents a significant strength, focusing on pre-sale support, providing customers with the fastest and most reliable solutions for different applications.

Highlights of CSF brand products

Companies in the CSF Inox group are proud to serve a group of customers with high selectivity and highly demanding requirements in specific industries, using the most modern development techniques.

CSF Inox provides products to the market with two critical strengths:

    • Quality products
    • Maximum operating flexibility

“Secondly, we set our sights on the level of multinational companies. This involves constant research into innovation both in terms of products and technology, and services provided. Competitiveness, industrial policy, innovation, and human resource development are all part of a single business model that we adhere to.” CSF share!

CSF Pressure Pump
CSF Pressure Pump

CSF supplies the world market with two typical product lines that are its strengths, which are:

Industrial Pump CSF

Most of CSF’s pumping equipment specializes in serving industries related to hygiene and safety. Therefore, the pump products of the company are made of stainless steel material. These materials are suitable for sectors related to F&B, medical,…

CSF brand industrial pumps
CSF brand industrial pumps

CSF has distinct pump lines such as volumetric pumps, centrifugal pumps with diverse sizes, shapes, and capacities. Depending on the industry, CSF has different models suitable. You can refer to the application section of CSF right below!

Industrial Valves CSF

Bardiani Valvole S.p.A. is an essential Italian enterprise headquartered in Fornovo Taro. The design, manufacture, and market (in Italy and over 80 countries worldwide) valves in dairy, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and industrial applications cosmetic processing applications.

The combination of technology, customization, and customer care makes Bardiani Valvole a unique supplier in production flexibility and responsiveness to customer requirements.

CSF Certificate
CSF Certificate

Application of CFS brand products

CFS products are thoroughly researched according to each unique industry feature. That’s why you should pay attention; on the company’s official website, there are clear indications about the applications that CFS serves, which can be named as:

    • Industry: Plastics, textiles, paints, ceramics, glues and mortars, water treatment, petroleum, and petrochemicals. With models: PA-AM Series, SN Series, MA Series, MI Series, MC Series… Centrifugal pumps have CS-CSX Series, CSM Series, CV Series, CSK Series, CNH Series…
    • Food: Canned food, meat and fish processing, confectionery, dairy, fruit and vegetable production, bread production,… Typically there are food pump lines such as TS, PA-AM, PAR, JABSCO LOBE, SN, MA, MI, MC, MCR, MAV, CS-CSX, CS, CR, AS, CL-CLC, CSK, CNH Series…
    • Beverages: Water and soft drinks, breweries and distilleries, wine and oil…With distinct product lines such as TS, PA-AM, JABSCO LOBE, SN, MA, MI, MC, MCR, MAV, CS-CSX, CSD, CR, CP, CSA, CSK…
CSF Pump Application
CSF Pump Application
    • Chemical and medical: Detergents, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals. With models: TS, PA-AM, PAR, JABSCO LOBE, SN, MA, MI, MC, MCR, MAV, CS-CSX, CS, CR, AS, CL-CLC, CSK, CNH Series…
    • Environment: Agriculture and chemical additives, with models of volumetric pumps, such as PA-AM Series, SN Series, MA Series, MI Series, MC Series… Centrifugal pumps have CS- CSX Series, CSM Series, CV Series, CSK Series, CNH Series…

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CSF Products

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