For 45 years, DEFINOX has specialized in designing and manufacturing stainless steel valves and equipment for industrial processes in the food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries.
Definox’s goal is to develop a relationship of trust with each client, a true partnership to overcome new technological challenges together and make every project a success.

Definox development history

Definox was founded in 1970 as a market leader in process control equipment. Headquartered in Clisson in France, DEFINOX is ideally located to serve the UK market through OEM and Europe with ease.

Definox Headquarters
Definox Headquarters

With some technically advanced products developed according to the requirements of OEM customers, DEFINOX is confident that it can provide a suitable product for the most demanding applications.
Technology, innovation, and research are the top priorities of Definox and transform new into a growth engine for the Group to bring the best to customers. Ingenious ideas and technological advancements mark Definox’s history: VDCI PMO-C, LED controller, Starwheel ® injection system, …

Featured products of Definox

Definox’s design and industrialization make it possible for products to effectively meet the hygienic demands of modern processes and the most severe restrictions on cleanability.

Definox Valve
Definox Valve

The variety of materials used makes the products used for all types of fluid processes. Customizable and with many variants and options, Definox valves and solutions are fully serviceable, quickly adapting to the production line’s design and the process environment.

DEFINOX offers a wide range of valves and equipment:

    • Butterfly valves, manual (DPX) or automatic (DPAX)
    • Single sealing changeover valves DCX3 – DCX4
    • Double sealing changeover valve DCX3 DE
    • Mixproof valves VDCI MC PFA – VDCI MC SP C – VDCI MC PMO C
    • Tank bottom mixproof valves DCX3 FdC – VDCI MC FdC
    • Diaphragm valves, manual (DMX) or automatic(DMAX)
    • Ball valves, manual (DBX) or automatic (DBAX)
    • Sampling valves PEX – PEAX
    • Point-to-point and AS-i LED control units
    • Safety devices
    • Tank equipment
    • Scraping systems
    • Manifolds (injection, inlet and outlet)

Hygienic valve

DEFINOX is a recognized and recognized expert in micro-valves.
The company designs and manufactures high-tech products capable of meeting the most demanding requirements for modern processes, performance, hygiene, and versatility for use in the food and beverage industries beverages around the world.

Pigging system

Pigging system
Pigging system

The product recall and pipe cleaning systems developed by DEFINOX are modular and easily adaptable to different processes thanks to their ability to be configured to suit the method in which they will use them.
Product recall and pipe cleaning systems are an effective source of savings. It provides an ecological solution to the waste disposal problem and is suitable for most liquid and paste products according to DIN, SMS, or American piping.
This DEFINOX solution cuts cleaning and handling costs, providing natural operational flexibility by reducing downtime between processes and cleaning times.
The system benefits process manufacturers by reducing expensive product waste, leading to 99% product recalls reduced water consumption in CIP systems, and limited use requirements. Use cleaning liquid to prepare the line for the next batch.

Product Application Definox

Application of hygienic valve
Application of hygienic valve

Definox DEFINOX products can be found in a wide variety of process applications, including production lines such as:

    • Brew beer
    • Milk production
    • Food
    • Chemistry
    • Cosmetics
    • Medicine,…

In addition, the valve line of Definox also appears in many piping systems of other manufacturing plants such as textile dyeing, paper industry, water supply treatment, …
Thai Khuong is currently responsible for distributing Definox genuine products to the Vietnamese market. If you need advice on using the product or choosing the right product for your system, please get in touch with us immediately!