Dragflow is a pump brand from Italy, specializing in serving the fields and needs of heavy to super heavy pumps such as slurry pump, sand pump, mining…

Dragflow development history 

Dragflow was born in the late 1980s as a manufacturer of heavy-duty submersible agitators specifically designed to handle slurries with a high content of abrasive solids.
Thanks to the passion and creativity of a team of technicians and engineers, Dragflow has proven not only a simple alternative to solids handling with conventional products and systems but also provides solutions to customers operating in specialized fields who face extreme conditions and tackle very difficult applications. Many successful cases and customer satisfaction have encouraged Dragflow to further research and develop its products.


As a recognized leader in the production and marketing of dredge submersible pumps, Dragflow over the years has gained remarkable international experience and a leading reputation in the production of dredges, for marine and energy sectors as well as mining and other materials.
Manufacturing Research
Manufacturing Research

Thanks to its experience in leading technology projects, Dragflow is constantly improving its ability to deliver high-quality products.

Quality and Service

Dragflow products are built with exceptional structural quality to achieve low maintenance and service costs as well as long life of wear and tear parts and components.
Dragflow invests in ISO9001 Quality Certification and its information systems, because Dragflow believes in the importance of business process management, not only to improve efficiency but also to provide impeccable service for customers.


A brand dedicated to heavy-duty pumping applications. Dragflow has outstanding product lines such as:

Hydraulic pump

It is a pump line that carries with its flexibility, durability, and high efficiency.

Dragflow hydraulic pump
Dragflow hydraulic pump

Dragflow submersible pumps with impellers for charged and abrasive mixtures are leading the market for their extremely resilient performance.
Their characteristics make them irreplaceable in dredging as well as in the industrial and mining sectors, as well as in custom projects.

Hydraulic pumps can cover a very large work area: you can adjust the speed according to the characteristics of the mixture to be pumped.

Main features:

    • Pump with agitator for lifting and transporting solid materials (up to 70% of solid weight)
    • High wear resistance
    • Possibility to mount on excavator
    • Wide selection of accessories (side loader, dredge head, and more)
    • Also available in High Head and High power versions to ensure exceptional results in any setting.

There are 04 main lines classified as follows:

    • Small pumps
    • Medium pumps
    • Big pumps
    • Cutting systems

Electric pump

A pump line known for its durability and high performance. The Dragflow series of electric pumps are available in an optional version for acidic media.

Electric Dragflow Pump
Electric Dragflow Pump 

Main features:

    • Pump with super durable and high-performance impeller, suitable for a variety of pumped fluids
    • High wear resistance
    • Low rotation speed
    • Capable of handling material densities up to 70% per weight

Similar to the hydraulic pump line, the Dragflow electric pump also has four main lines:

    • Small pumps: portable pumps with unrivaled power and durability.
    • Medium pumps: Versatile and portable. Includes many options for head and flow
    • Big pumps: Dragflow is ready for large-scale dredging projects.
    • Cutting systems: Designed for dredging systems

Typical applications 

Let’s take a look at the applications where this Dragflow submersible pump has been performing daily work, specifically:
DragFlow Pump Applications
DragFlow Pump Applications
    • The hydraulic pump model HY50/108 is mounted on the excavator’s arm to collect compacted material deposited in the tank. This pump can guarantee transport distances up to 800 m: the ideal solution to take advantage of. unnecessary waste.
    • The all-new HY400HC pump is capable of transferring 2400m³ of material per hour at a distance of 1.5 km. The operation of the pump (equipped with a booster station) will allow deepening the river and aquatic areas of ports and harbors to the depth necessary for the efficient operation of the fleet operating in the areas this.
    • Project of sucking sand to make mudflats, sand mounds to protect the coast
    • Serving construction projects of sea encroachment, sand extraction, sea sand exploitation…

Thai Khuong with the view of always learning and bringing advanced equipment and technology in the world to serve and improve production and exploitation in Vietnam. And Dragflow is a solution to improve the construction capacity of contractors in mining, sea reclamation, mining projects…

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