Finish Thompson Inc

Finish Thompson is a brand from the US. In Vietnam, the most common FTI products are drum pumps. However, the FTI brand also has many other pump lines, which are equally outstanding as drum pumps, which are centrifugal pumps specialized for chemicals.

This article, Thai Khuong will provide you with the most detailed information, as well as the application of this Finish Thompson pump line!


Finish Thompson Inc. is a designer and manufacturer of industrial pumps, solvent and engine coolant recyclers and coolant changes. FTI products are manufactured on-site in Erie, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. and marketed worldwide through an international network of stocking distributors.

Finish Thompson offers a range of sealless mag-drive centrifugal pumps with run-dry capability including plastic horizontal, plastic self-priming, and heavy-duty ANSI models. We also offer mechanically sealed pumps, drum/barrel pumps, vertical mag-drive pumps, and multistage pumps. FTI Air is a line of high-quality, affordable AODD pumps that includes metallic, non-metallic, FDA-compliant, and conductive polypropylene models.

From its beginning in 1951 as a designer and builder of custom decorating equipment, to its current position as a growing supplier of fluid transfer pumps and recycling systems for the fluid handling and environmental markets, Finish Thompson has proven to be highly intuitive in projecting and reacting to changing market demands.

FTI Corporate Headquarters
FTI Corporate Headquarters

FTI offers a wide selection of chemical handling centrifugal pumps. Pumps are available in thermoplastic and stainless steel materials mechanically sealed or without mag drive seals for horizontal and vertical pumps. Rugged construction for excellent chemical resistance. Typical applications are chemical processing, metal plating, parts washing systems, printed circuit board manufacturing, image processing, pharmaceuticals, wet scrubbers, semiconductors, etc.

FTI also manufactures drum pumps for industrial and commercial customers so they can safely transfer tough acids, chemicals and solvents. The FTI drum pump is ergonomically designed for easy handling, providing outstanding performance at a competitive price. Pneumatic, electric, TEFC and explosion-proof motors are interchangeable for more flexible applications.

FTI portfolio products

FTI stands out with 2 pump lines: centrifugal pump and drum pump. Typical, specialized models for each line specifically introduced by FTI are as follows:

Centrifugal pump FTI

FTI centrifugal pump series
FTI centrifugal pump series
    • AC – Sealed Stainless Steel
    • AK – Stainless Steel Cantilevered Vertical
    • AV – Stainless Steel Vertical
    • DB – Plastic Mag-Drive
    • GP – Chemical Process, Corrosion Resistant
    • KC – Legacy Plastic Mag-Drive
    • MSKC – Plastic Sealless Multistage
    • MSVKC – Vertical Plastic Sealless Multistage
    • SP – Plastic Mag Drive Self – Priming
    • UC – ETFE-Lined Heavy Duty Mag Drive
    • VKC – Plastic Vertical Sealless

FTI drum pump.

Finish Thompson drum pumps.
Finish Thompson drum pumps.
    • EF – Economy
    • PF – High Performance
    • TT – Mid-Performance
    • BT – Mid- to High Viscosity
    • HVDP – High Viscosity
    • TB – Mid-Performance
    • TM – Drum Mixer

Drum pump Fti is a popular pump line. Favoured many options to suit many needs, as well as the pumping efficiency of each fluid.

Product Application

Where can you use Finish Thompson pumps?

Almost anywhere! In almost every industry, every application requires a pump. From a simple transfer to complex manufacturing processes, Finish Thompson’s centrifugal and drum pumps provide reliable, durable solutions for handling mild to corrosive chemicals.

Let’s take a look at the industries and applications where FTI has been present and works perfectly. That is:

Chemical Manufacturing / Distribution

    • Transfer chemicals from bulk storage to mixing tanks
    • Chemical circulation in the mixing tank
    • Loading/aspirating chemicals from trucks and wagons
    • Load chemicals into the filling machine
    • Pumping chemicals through pipes in the factory
    • Flow level through the heat exchanger
Application of FTI pump in chemical industry.
Application of FTI pump in the chemical industry.

Water/wastewater treatment

    • Bulk chemical transfer from warehouse to storage tank during the day
    • Loading and unloading chemicals from the tank truck to the warehouse
    • Rapid emptying of batch tank bể
    • Disinfection of treated wastewater with sodium hypochlorite


    • Recirculation of water to tanks and aquatic areas
    • Pumping water to the storage area
    • Transfer wastewater to a storage tank for treatment

Diesel Exhaust Oil (DEF)

    • DEF . dispensing system
    • Mobile DEF Transfer
    • Moving from container to container
    • Mix
    • Water Pump DI

Electric Factory

    • Chemical pump for boiler water treatment
    • Heat exchanger cleaning chemical pump
    • Infusion of antifreeze

Electroplating & Anodizing

    • Provides flow through ducts to mix plating baths without introducing air
    • Flow through the filter to keep the plating solution clean
    • Transfer wastewater, water treatment chemicals at the on-site water treatment plant
    • Chemical transfer and water discharge from the storage tank
Many manufacturing industries use FTI pumps.
Many manufacturing industries use FTI pumps.

Printed Circuit Boards & Electronics

    • Filter solutions to keep them clean
    • Create pressure and flow for the spray bar
    • Provides high flow at low pressure for processes
    • Pumping DI water for cleaning and other processes
    • Eliminate micro-foam to improve printed board quality
    • Chemical transfer & water discharge from the storage tank

Vacuum cleaner.

    • Create pressure and flow of cleaning chemicals to spray smoke to the nozzle.
    • Improve pump reliability by eliminating pump shaft and motor corrosion problems.

Biofiltration & Odor Control.

    • Commonly used in wastewater treatment plants to control odours.
    • Inject dilute solution of sodium hypochlorite and sodium hydroxide.
    • Convert hydrogen sulfide to sulfer.
    • Provide flow and pressure to the nozzle.


    • Transfer chemicals from large storage to processing.
    • Bulk transfer of chemicals from storage to storage tanks during the day used in water treatment.

Pulp & Paper Industry.

    • Transfer chemicals from large storage to processing.
    • Used in bleaching plant to pump hydrogen peroxide, sulfuric acid and sodium hypochlorite.
    • Transfer chemicals from trucks and wagons to storage tanks.

Pharmaceutical & Medical.

    • Pumps of sodium bicarbonate and other chemicals used in dialysis clinics.
    • DI water pump for cleaning processes in the cosmetic industry.
    • Transfer perfumes and dyes to the treatment tank.
    • Transfer health & beauty products like shampoo, body wash & liquid soap from storage to smaller containers.
Application of pumping chemicals from drums.
Application of pumping chemicals from drums.

Food & beverage.

    • Pumping water for the cleaning process.
    • Transfer additives and dyes to the treatment tank.
    • Pump sauces, juices, syrups, spirits, etc. from kegs to smaller containers for secondary processes (not 3A) prior to final processing.


    • Injection pump chrome plated plastic parts.
    • The injection pump handles metal parts.
    • Car paint pump.

Steel production.

    • Pump steel bleach solution.
    • Handling & cleaning.
    • Zinc plated.
    • Waste acid pump.
    • Sewage pump.

General industry.

    • Provides flow and pressure for chillers and heat exchangers.
    • Pumping cleaning solution to process the production line of wire products.
    • Used in secondary containment in chemical tank applications.
    • Chemical transfer & discharge from the storage tank.


    • Biodiesel & ethanol pump.
    • Pumping additives sulfuric, HCL, caustic soda during processing…

Those are the outstanding applications of the FTI – Finish Thompson branded pumps. Do you need to consult and choose FTI brand pump for your applications? Please contact Thai Khuong immediately for quick support!