Haus is a brand from Italy and also has a production plant in Turkey, and also has a representative office in the US. Haus specializes in providing product lines for the pressing industry such as a decanter, screw press, blower, centrifuge…
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Development history

Haus was founded by young engineer Hakkı Gözlüklü in Aydın in 1954, starting repair and restoration activities of various types of water motors, olive oil machines, and cotton presses.

Brand Headquarters Haus
Brand Headquarters Haus

Back then, the company’s first name was Hakkı Usta. Hakkı Usta has focused on building a global brand, expanding internationally, and building an extensive dealer network since 2010. The HAUS brand was born from the combination of the first two letters of Hakkı Usta.

HAUS produced its first olive oil press in 1962. In 1989, the Ömer brothers and Ahmet Gözlüklü achieved great success by building the first continuous system olive oil plant and decanting centrifuge firstly.

In 2000, started to produce a disc stack separator. From 2010 to 2018, branches were established such as HAUS Ist in İstanbul, HAUS Europe B.V. in the Netherlands, HAUS SEA in Malaysia, HAUS MED SRL in Italy, HAUS IBERICA in Spain, and HAUS SA in India.

The HAUS R&D center was established in 2015 and the production of the first air blowers and screw presses began in 2017. Today, Haus is capable of producing around 600 centrifuges annually with more than 500 employees. Based on the integrated factory of 32,000 m² in Aydın – Turkey, with the latest technological equipment and quality management system, HAUS exports to more than 40 countries.

For over 65 years, Haus has been manufacturing centrifuge technology for industries concerned with technology, performance, service levels, and business continuity. HAUS manufactures a comprehensive portfolio of high-quality centrifuge technology products such as:

    • Sludge Separator Centrifuge,
    • Disk stack separator,
    • The plants extract olive oil in a continuous system,
    • Screw press,
    • Turbine blower,
    • Mobile devices and auxiliary devices

and offers familiar service in setup, turnkey integrated project management solutions, maintenance, spare parts, and after-sales for specific markets and industries.

HAUS operates globally, providing pioneering centrifuge technology and solutions to a wide variety of industries. Haus prides itself on its continuous achievement and innovation in the Research & Development of next-generation centrifuge technologies that make a difference for complex industrial processes.

The main product line of Haus

HAUS provides high-quality and reliable products in compliance with ISO standards and CE certificates.
HAUS’s main products can be mentioned as:

Decanter Centrifuge

Decanter centrifuge technology provides fast, low cost, and high capacity solutions in most industrial processes and fields (more than 2500 applications) that can be separated from each other by density differentials. This technology achieves this by effectively separating the solid and liquid phases (solid-liquid or solid-liquid-liquid) present in the processed products.

Decanter Centrifuge
Decanter Centrifuge

The Decanter centrifuge consists of a bucket that rotates at high rpm in a horizontal axis to apply the high centrifugal force (G) required to provide solid-liquid separation, a spiral conveyor that rotates with the bucket. At a certain differential speed, a drive group provides the necessary force to these rotating elements, and the frame (bucket body) contains all of these components.

There are three main product lines:

    • Environmental applications · E . series
    • Food application · F series
    • Industrial application · Series I

Centrifugal Separator

Centrifugal separators are designed for the mechanical separation of solid-liquid or solid-liquid-liquid suspensions. Separators are widely used in olive oil, dairy products, food and beverage production, juice production, oil refining, and oil recovery.

Separators include the buckets rotating at high speed, the actuator that moves the buckets, and the frame structure that carries these elements. The HAUS separator ensures continuous and rapid solids removal during the separation of the grade product into stages.

The HAUS separator ensures that solids are removed from the bucket by quickly discharging unwanted solids and without interrupting the product feed during the separation of feed product into stages.

Thanks to the high centrifugal force and the quick discharge system, it saves time and energy.

Centrifugal Separator
Centrifugal Separator

The minimum particle size that can be separated is directly related to the viscosity of the liquid, the density difference between the phases, and the capacity and design of the selected separator. Based on its extensive process knowledge and experience, HAUS provides the most suitable separation model for its customers. This allows solid particle separation up to 1 μm in specific processes.

HAUS separator features high separation efficiency, quiet operation, low power consumption, easy operation, high hygiene, and high-quality materials. Operating parameters (solids discharge frequency, etc.) can be easily changed using the touch screen control panel on the separator and can be easily integrated into fully automated plants.

The materials used in the HAUS separator are selected according to the requirements of the field for which they are designed and international standards. The HAUS separator incorporates the latest innovations in separation technology. HAUS separators offer process-based properties such as a clean-in-place (CIP) system, high-temperature resistance, erosion resistance, corrosion resistance.

The device integrates the separator and the pipe connection can be changed at will. HAUS Centrifuge Technologies has a separation solution that meets your needs in any case thanks to flexible project-based constructions and customizable separation solutions.

    • Dairy application · EASY line
    • Industrial application · Series I
    • Food application · F series

The olive oil extraction machine

The system of continuous olive oil production plants is a set of machinery including equipment starting from the bunker, where the acceptance is carried out when the olives are harvested and taken to the plant for separation where the oil is output olive.

The olive oil extraction machine
The olive oil extraction machine

HAUS Continuous Olive Oil Systems are plants developed to clean harvested olives from foreign impurities without touching them and to produce quality natural extra virgin olive oil. The olive pressing is controlled by the center console in both three and two stages. These systems are being improved every day with advanced sensors, software, and process automation technology.

Olive oil is produced only through mechanical methods using centrifugal force and under controlled conditions and by preserving the quality attributes of the olives by meeting the requirements of pressing. cold or other mandatory conditions. The purpose of the continuous system is to preserve the organoleptic properties of the oil inside the olives while extracting the main part, realizing hygienic oil production, increasing the capacity per unit area, obtaining high-value products with high yield through the understanding of “healthy olive oil”.

Although these systems are interconnected, they are divided into three main parts: olive cleaning, olive dough kneading, and olive processing. Auxiliary units are also available in addition to those.

    • Small olive oil production machine
    • Pro series
    • Plus series
    • Pomace Oil Extraction Plant · POMAX Series
    • Olive oil separator · V series
    • Olive oil decanter · V line
    • Auxiliary equipment

Turbo Blower

The HAUS Turbo Blower is a high-speed permanent magnet compressor with a magnetic bearing and using the most advanced technology on the market. Air compressors are widely used in ventilation tanks of wastewater treatment plants. They can also be used in all processes requiring aeration. Magnetic bearing technology is now up to 40% energy efficient in terms of operating costs compared to conventional technology.

Turbo Blower
Turbo Blower

Thanks to today’s technology, the machine can work in a wider capacity range, optimize flow and energy due to oxygen demand, low noise, intelligent control, and remote monitoring features. Proven low maintenance and operating costs. Thanks to its compact design, it can be easily installed in small spaces. It is possible to present this technology in competitive conditions with domestic mass production facilities and high standards.

HAUS Turbo Blower is an innovative solution that improves process efficiency, delivers consistent energy and maintenance savings, and pays off initial investment costs in a very short time. HAUS is constantly developing products for more efficient and energy-efficient processes by supporting the sustainable growth of its customers.

    • Low-Pressure · Flow
    • Medium pressure · M line
    • High-Pressure · H Series

Screw presses

The screw press consists of a screw conveyor for continuous sludge discharge, inclined bucket, movable and stationary disc, variable screw speed, and variable torque. The screw press is made of a cylinder containing a screw, a moving and stationary disc, a solid chamber, a motor, and a gear. The robust and self-standing chassis supports the working parts, along with flow fittings and safety components.

The screw press has many features for increased drying, solid handling, and cleaning, such as the capacity is automatically adjusted according to the compression profile, ensuring the required dryness for all changing conditions.

Screw presses
Screw presses

Moving and stationary discs work together for better cleaning and prevent clogging.

Screws have a variable profile (step down), with increasing compression at the end.

The Replaceable scraper, made of polyurethane, is mounted on a conveyor to increase the solid’s conveyance.

An additional tank for the area’s sludge is eventually recirculated back to the condenser.

Auto wash to rinse bucket clean with a smaller amount of water with five flush points.

Frequency converter and PLC control, for smooth start/stop, speed regulation, and power control.

The screw press is made of high-grade stainless steel, in addition to the replaceable blades, which are made of polyurethane.

    • Environmental Application · SDE Dòng Series

Typical applications

Typical applications in which the Haus product line focuses on providing solutions and products are numerous. More specifically, we can refer to applications such as:

    • Dairy industry
    • Whey Industry
    • Lactose industry
    • Casein industry
    • Fruit juice industry
    • Alcohol industry
    • Citrus fruit process
    • Process of pasteurized eggs
    • Tea industry
    • Coffee extraction and coffee oil process
    • Fish industry
    • Rendering Industry
    • Enamel industry
Haus product application
Haus product application

Food sectors where HAUS centrifuges are used;

    • Process of milk and dairy products
    • Beverage Process
    • Wine Process
    • Fruit juice process
    • Citrus fruit process
    • Exotic fruit processing
    • Tea processing
    • Coffee process
    • The egg process…

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