Leistritz is the first address when it comes to screwing pump applications. After all, the company, with its headquarters in Nuremberg, was one of the pioneers in the field of screw pumps: 90 years ago it was Paul Leistritz who first used twin screw pumps. for pumping lubricating oil to steam turbine bearings.

Let’s learn about this long-standing and well-known screw pump brand in the oil, gas and petrochemical industry!

History – Company – Leistritz – Extrusion technology

Leistritz is the first address when it comes to screwing pump applications. After all, the company, with its headquarters in Nuremberg, was one of the pioneers in the field of screw pumps: 90 years ago it was Paul Leistritz who first used twin screw pumps. for pumping lubricating oil to steam turbine bearings.

Started small in 1924, it has now grown to be a globally active company with more than 300 employees, with the widest product range in screw pumps.

“Leistritz is the only manufacturer in the world to offer a full range of screw pumps.”

Thương hiệu Leistritz
Thương hiệu Leistritz

Leistritz Pump Technology has branches in all important markets such as the USA, China, Singapore, Dubai, India and Italy. Leistritz customers benefit from valuable know-how in various industries and applications.

Leistritz screw pumps are at the heart of a wide variety of applications and processes and can be used in virtually all industry sectors. Modern quality and environmental management systems, the latest development tools and perfection in production engineering ensure high-quality standards.

Leistritz pump certification standard.

We are constantly working to improve ourselves, as well as our products and processes. In the market, Leistritz stands for precision, quality, operational reliability and durability. Leistritz Pumpen GmbH is certified to all applicable standards.

  • Certified in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001, OHSAS 18001, ABS, BV, DNV GL, RINA and RMRS.
  • Using the latest measurement technology.
  • Optimum selection of materials and surface coatings suitable for the specific application.
  • Economical pumping solution by optimizing life cycle costs.

Main product lines of Lestritz

Some of the most prominent main product lines of the Leistritz brand that are used by many industries are as follows:

Liquid pump

With the modular structure of the pump ranges, Leistritz can meet a wide variety of pumping tasks. Leistritz pumps are two-, three- or five-spindle, single- or dual-voltage, self-priming pumps for low/medium or high-pressure ranges. They are used to pump a wide variety of liquids with different lubricating properties.

Bơm trục vít Leistritz
Bơm trục vít Leistritz

To meet high demands for wear resistance, service life or flow rate, it requires a high vertical production range. Leistritz manufactures the spindle and housing (the core elements of Leistritz pumps) in Germany.


  • Impulseless refrigerant pump
  • Extremely low vibration and noise
  • Pumping different viscosities
  • Less abrasive operation

Systems & multi-phase pumps

Leistritz multiphase pumping systems are in operation worldwide. They are designed to run with high gas volume fractions (GVF) and air bubbles with up to 100% air content as well as for capacities up to 5,000 m³/h and differential pressures up to 150 bar. Compared to traditional upstream installations, multiphase pumps do not require space-consuming separators at the wells as well as separate pumps, compressors or piping to transport gases and liquids to different areas. central collection.

Hệ thống máy bơm Leistritz
Hệ thống máy bơm Leistritz

Multiphase pumping is a cost-effective technology for transporting multiphase fluids using only a single pipeline – instead of separating oil, water and gas at the oil and gas collection and export sites to production facilities. central output through separate pipes. In general, a multiphase pump is a way to accelerate an untreated gas/liquid mixture.

They also allow the transport of these mixtures over large distances without prior phase separation. Separators, crude oil refineries, pumps, compressors and storage tanks at the collection site for oil fields become redundant by direct injection of polyphase fluids to central processing facilities.


  • Achieve flow rates up to 5,000 m³/h
  • Operates with differential pressures up to 150 bar
  • Deals with high gas concentrations (GVF) up to 100%
  • Facilitates direct pumping through only one pipe

Fuel system

The fuel systems division specializes in the development and production of serial products.

Two main products are manufactured and sold: fuel pumps used in vehicles and flow meters in fuel dispensers operating on the screw principle.

Both products meet the high requirements of the automotive industry and tank base in terms of performance, precision and quality.

Máy bơm Leistritz
Máy bơm Leistritz

The high overall efficiency compared to other pumping stages, the low noise emission and high dirt resistivity of the pumps as well as the outstanding controllability of the volumetric pumps make Leistritz pumps a reliable and important module in the distribution unit.


  • Design and develop according to specific requirements of customers
  • Consistent quality with a large quantity
  • Meet automotive requirements
  • Continuous process monitoring

Typical applications of the Leistritz pump line.

Leistritz screw pumps can be found in almost every industrial sector. Leistritz offers customers tailor-made solutions for specific market requirements, from the pump through the complete system (pump includes the motor, base frame, oil system, valves, etc.).

Industry overview.

  • Oil and Gas.
  • Chemical/Petrochemical.
  • Power plant/energy production.
  • Close the ship.
  • Car.
  • Other industries.

Oil and Gas.

Global energy consumption is constantly increasing. The raw materials needed to operate vehicles, produce energy, and other products are largely based on crude oil and natural gas. Screw pumps are commonly used in the manufacture of these valuable items.

Ngành dầu khí
Ngành dầu khí

For decades, Leistritz has been a professional partner of the oil and gas industry, whether for pumping tasks in crude oil production using multiphase pumps, transfer pumps and pumps or transporting oil. raw by booster pump or starting pipeline. Leistritz pumps are also used in oil refining processes.

Thanks to our wide range of products including single and double line pumps, we are able to offer our customers in the oil and gas industry custom-tailored screw pumps for almost any application. Of course, besides simple devices, we also manufacture complex pumping systems.

Chemicals / Petrochemicals. 

In petrochemical engineering and chemical processes, screw pumps, acting as displacement pumps, provide hydraulic properties that make them indispensable for the entire viscosity range. In particular, in chemical applications, high suction power and gentle handling of the fluid to be pumped are outstanding features of this pump. In general, all Leistritz pumps can be used in the field, but the most common are the two-rotor pumps.

Leistritz screw pumps are used to pump clean or slightly abrasive, low and high viscosity liquids with poor to good lubricities, such as additives, bitumen, resins, crude oils, greases, benzene, adhesives, silicates, isocyanates, tar, polyols, bitumen, paints/varns, paraffin, polymers, and many other chemical products.

For chemical and petrochemical applications, material and safety requirements are respectively high. Here, Leistritz offers customer-oriented solutions and processes perfectly tailored to individual tasks.

Power Plant / Energy Production.

Reliable generation, transmission and distribution of electricity can only be ensured by perfect technology in power plants – regardless of whether the focus is on crude oil, coal, natural gas, water or renewable energy.

Nhà máy năng lượng
Nhà máy năng lượng

However, Leistritz pumps are not only found in electrical engineering plants such as power plants. When it comes to power transmission, the two- and three-spindle pump lines have been used successfully for decades.

Some examples: as main lubricating oil pumps or diesel supply pumps in engines and as lubricating oil pumps for gear units, turbines, turbochargers and compressors.

Standard shipbuilding.

The international requirements for the operational reliability of ships and machinery in the shipbuilding and marine industries, as well as the general conditions and limitations on energy efficiency and pollutant emissions, are constantly increasing. Leistritz has been responding to these growing requests for decades. High-quality products and a globally unique variety of screw pump designs offer respective sustainability.

Durability and manufacturing quality as well as long service life and availability are characteristics that have always been associated with Leistritz screw pumps on the market. In order to ensure and document consistent product quality, each Leistritz screw pump is thoroughly tested under specified operating conditions on test platforms. During pump testing, it is possible to provide a factory 3.2 test certificate according to DIN EN 10204, as well as a certificate of approval upon request to all notable ship level companies such as DNV, GL, ABS, BV, LRS, RINA and more.

Automotive industry.

In the smallest versions, screw pumps are used as fuel pumps for vehicles. Working closely with its customers in the automotive industry, Leistritz develops production-ready pumping units that move them into mass production with a focus on the highest precision and quality. As a long-standing supplier, Leistritz, therefore, meets the high-quality standards demanded in the automotive industry – even in large quantities.

Ngành sản xuất ôtô
Ngành sản xuất ôtô

Other industries.

What makes Leistritz pumps different:

  • Universal applicability in almost all industrial fields.
  • Tailor-made solutions for a wide range of market requirements.
  • Strategic cooperation in core processes of different industries.
  • The assignment depends on the industry of the trained professionals.

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