Matec Washing belongs to Matec Industries, is a system of washing and filtering machines specialized in the mining industry, pressing sludge, pressing pulp …

Development history.

MATEC specializes in the design and development of wastewater purification and filtration plants for many different industries, the most important are: mining, aggregates, gravel, sand, stone, ceramics and glass. We can guarantee the best solution for any case, thanks to a particle-size analysis of sludge and wastewater.

Trụ sở Matec
Trụ sở Matec

Global network.

Matec has installed more than 2500 wastewater treatment plants worldwide, 250 plants in the last two years: this is a real guarantee of production and quality of service.

Matec is present on all continents and has grown in the US, Brazil and India, in addition to a global network of dealers.

Matec system.

Matec is a reputable leader in the design, manufacture and installation of washing and filtration plants.

After more than 10 years of experience with hundreds of washing plants, Matec has started to manufacture its line of specialized washing systems, to provide customers with an efficient washing solution.

In fact, from washing machines to filter presses, all comply with water and material regulations. Providing customers with complete and efficient machine systems in the areas of aggregate, recycling, sand production and mining.

Main product lines.

Currently, Matec Washing is focusing on developing 10 key product lines of the company. The products mainly serve for heavy industries such as mining, oil, ore, sand…

Let’s find out through these key products!


Aggretec is Matec’s quick-install modular washing system for a wide range of sectors including aggregation, recycling, remediation and mining. Since the system is semi-mobile, it is highly portable so it is also ideal for working in construction and demolition sites.

Máy Aggretec
Máy Aggretec

Aggretec integrates the following into a single system:

    • Wash floor (Multiple floors).
    • Essence recovery/sand washing unit.
    • Reserve conveyor.
    • Electrical control.
    • Mechanical frame and walkway.
    • Comprehensive options/potential customization for specific applications.


Screentec is a machine that washes and selects materials such as gravel, coal, crushed stone, slag, recycled materials, concrete, iron ore and silica glass, with high efficiency.

The vibrating screen parts are easy to assemble and match with other washers.

Máy Screentec
Máy Screentec

You can install 2 or 3 programs and choose from several program options.

They mainly include:

    • The mechanical mechanism holds the floor suspended on torsion springs.
    • Metal rod mesh tensioning system.
    • Steel alloy shaft, grease-lubricated bearing protected by a set of flanges.
    • The eccentric weight is adjustable to vary the output.
    • The rear feed chute and hopper are bolted to the front part of the machine to discharge the material.



Sandtec is a hydro cyclone based washing unit designed for the recovery of refined and ultra-refined finished products. It can receive the fluid either as a slurry (usually from a washing sieve) or a dry form from the conveyor to the optional sludge feeder added to the machine.

Máy Sandtec
Máy Sandtec
    • Sandtec guarantees the recovery of ~95% of essence above 75 microns and highly accurate removal of residues.
    • The treated product is discharged with an average residual moisture <15%.
    • Compact and self-contained unit, easily integrated with existing systems to upgrade capacity and efficiency.
    • Electrically controlled and pre-wired.
    • Highly customizable with an extensive options list and project-specific versions.


The combination of strong scrubbing action and light dirt removal makes Scrubtec a key component in Construction & Demolition waste recycling systems. It is also ideal for aggregates and mining materials with high clay content.

Máy Scrubtec
Máy Scrubtec

The material is washed through the inclined blades arranged in series inside the machine. These blades slow down the progress of the material when the material is very dirty, but facilitate progress when the material is cleaner. The whole washer is lined with interchangeable wear-resistant steel armour. The machine is driven by a motor reducer.

Scrubtec includes:

    • Control screen.
    • Laundry chart.
    • Impurities floor.
    • Floor finishing/dewatering.
    • Sliding track structure.
    • Water and sand pump unit.


Sand collector.

Máy Buctec
Máy Buctec

Buctec bucket wheel dehydrator is relatively common washing equipment, used to recover sand/fine materials. Used most often in the quarry and sand industries, they are also applicable to a wide range of projects washing different types of minerals and mining materials. coming from general washing plants. While they do not offer the same efficiency and separation accuracy as Sandtec systems, they are still an attractive option for many operators:

    • Easy to install.
    • Relatively low cost.
    • Simple engineering: requires basic maintenance.
    • Known to operators worldwide.

There are also product lines such as:

    • ATTRITEC: Specialized for glass production, foundry, frac oil production.
Máy Attritec
Máy Attritec
    • THE CUBE
    • CWR

Typical applications of Matec machines.

Matec is aimed at industrial sand production because the demand for silica raw materials is constantly increasing. A treatment that can reduce contaminants and precision in material separation are requirements that Matec can meet.

Recycling, especially C&D recycling, is a rapidly growing field. The interest in reusing materials to respect the environment and comply with the law has led to the development of technologies, systems and plants where Matec can demonstrate great experience.

Ứng dụng máy Matec
Ứng dụng máy Matec

Matec has been a leader in water management with more than 1800 installations helping customers save and recover water worldwide. Through the filter and thickener, you will be able to reuse up to 95% of the water.

Thai Khuong is distributing Matec Washing equipment in the Vietnam market. If you have a need for solutions for processing, mining ore, minerals, sand .. please contact Thai Khuong immediately for quick support!