MBS Srl was established in 1995 after two years of research in collaboration with different Italian Universities on tubes corrugation effects during the thermal exchange.

The development of MBS

In 2008 MBS became part of CSF Inox Group. MBS is currently the leading supplier of heat exchangers in Italy and worldwide and is ISO 9001 certified.

MBS’s team of experts can provide total technical and commercial support in the heat treatment of foods, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals. Applying a ‘lean manufacturing approach, the use of top quality specialty materials and materials coupled with many years of experience and professionalism in this particular field ensures high quality for the entire product portfolio.

This has led to the design of a fluid dynamics analysis program that can select and size the most suitable and efficient heat exchanger for any application.

MBS Headquarters
MBS Headquarters

Values ​​and mission

MBS S.r.l. was found on solid values ​​that stand out not only as a company but mainly as people who contribute daily to make it grow


Since the birth of MBS S.r.l, believes in the importance of research and innovation as a value creation value for customers and continues to apply it every day.

Quality and Skill / Professionalism

Thanks to a skilled workforce and expert team, MBS S.r.l. provides high-quality products for any industry or application area.

Customer satisfaction

MBS S.r.l. is committed to meeting customer needs, providing technical and commercial support to deliver customized solutions in line with key industry regulations.

Production Research
Production Research

“Customer satisfaction is our satisfaction.”

All this to achieve a single goal: reliability

The Power of Reliability

The reliability of a company was born after years of research in cooperation with many Italian universities.

Reliability of a leading industrial group in Italy and Europe for the production of stainless steel components.

The reliability of a team of experts can provide technical and commercial support in the most diverse industrial sectors.

The quality reliability of the products is created with attention to detail and according to the product areas.

Tubular heat exchanger

MBS is currently the leading company in supplying heat exchangers in Italy and around the world, granted ISO 9001 certificate.

MBS Srl designs and builds tube bundles and surface heat exchangers.

Product development
Product development

They were founded in Parma, Italy, in 1995, a group of entrepreneurs and design engineers with over thirty years of experience. After two years of research and development on the effects of pipe breakage in the heat exchanger, in collaboration with the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Parma, MBS has entered the market with a leadership position.

From design to finished product

MBS recognizes that to produce a high-quality, all the individual components involved in the manufacturing process must be planned and built to high-quality standards.

For this reason, we believe it is essential to understand the needs of our customers, taking care of every single request by product type. Our customers are delighted, and they report to us that the optimized design of the heat exchanger has a positive effect on quality and energy savings.

Production stage

First of all, let’s proceed to the sizing stage: depending on the product and task, the heat exchanger has sized thanks to an internal calculation program that considers the configurations and the fold depths of its own. We make on tubes.

Then there is the design phase: the engineering department, thanks to advanced software and technology, proceeds to realize the production drawings considering the primary standards and regulations for pressure vessels.

High-quality products
High-quality products

Finally, the project goes to the production department, where a team of highly qualified staff proceeds with great attention to detail in all the different stages:

    • Cut
    • Satin finish
    • Border cover
    • Weld
    • Cut
    • Extend
    • Polish

Final phase

Last but not least, we conduct a testing phase where various tests are carried out to ensure a high-quality product.

The result is not a simple heat exchanger but an energy-efficient product that makes the raw material as good as possible and does not alter it.

Application of MBS products in the industry

Pharmaceutical industry

The PHARMAFLO exchanger design to meet the high hygienic requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. The PHARMAFLO exchanger consists of small diameter corrugated tubes inserted inside a housing with a double tube plate at the end.

This solution eliminates any possibility of contamination between sterile products. An expansion compensator mounted on the housing. The heat-treated product flows inside the small diameter pipes, while the curing liquid flows inside the housing.

Application of heat exchangers in the industry
Application of heat exchangers in the industry


    • Product side material AISI 316L (other materials available on request)
    • Surface finishing Ra < 0.8 um Ra < 0.5 um electropolished
    • Pressure 10 bar
    • Maximum temperature 184°C

F&B industry

The MBS Heat Exchanger product line design and manufactured for the Food industry to the most stringent hygiene standards. Suitable for processing high and medium viscosity products such as milk, juice, nectar and fruit puree, wine, beer, ice cream, ice cream, etc.

EHEDG and 3A. certified MLW version

    • AISI 304/316L stainless steel standard material (Other materials available on request)
    • Surface finish Ra < 0.8 μm
    • Standard pressure 10 bar (Higher pressure available depending on the connection used)
    • Standard temperature 184°C
    • Connection DIN-CLAMP-SMS-BS-FLANGE

Thai Khuong is the distributor of heat exchanger product lines of the MBS brand for the Vietnam market. With the company’s active support, Thai Khuong hopes this will be a significant change in the product quality of the F&B industries in Vietnam, to reach out to the big sea together!