OMAC S.r.l. is the only Italian company specializing in lobe volumetric pumps in AISI 316 stainless steel and special alloys (Hastelloy, Monel, Titanio). The current range of lobe pumps derives from the long experience gained in cooperation with leading companies in the food, chemical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical sectors.

Omac Company
Omac Company

History of Omac

Founded in the early sixties as a small craft company specializing in the production of machinery and plants for the regional ceramic and food industries, the company has developed and specialized in pumps, becoming a unified reality worldwide.


Commitment to technology research, attention to design, care in the selection of materials. Qualified personnel is the optimal combination that OMAC achieves to have a genuinely competitive product in the market. OMAC’s specialization and dynamism allow expanding the applicability of lobe volumetric pumps and creating “custom” versions based on product characteristics and the settings they will install put.

Our ability to solve problems, which our technicians, retailers, and plant users daily send us, has made OMAC a reliable point of reference that responds to the efficiency of our customer’s professionals who are always committed to providing a robust and dependable heart to thousands of people of plants spread all over the world.



The main product ranges of the OMAC line of lobe pumps include introduced models such as:

Series B

The B series impeller pumps cover most conversion applications to match chemical and sanitary properties. OMAC’S impeller pumps are appreciated worldwide for their durability and performance, guaranteeing good service, long durability, easy and cheap maintenance.

This product line includes 16 models with pumping speeds from 0.05 to 200 m³/h with the following versions: ST Model with standard tolerance, SM model with increased tolerance, both made of stainless steel AISI 316, and both are available with Duplex shafts.

Series B - Omac
Series B – Omac

Series BB/BA

Developed from the successful OMAC SERIES “B” series of pumps, the “BB-BA” pump series retains performance, robustness, and reliability principles while incorporating a new design that allows cleaning wet parts easier.

The BA Series has obtained Sanitary Standard 3A certification. Several improved OMAC features from the BF-F series incorporate into the product. The BA pump has design, surface finish & elastomer in 3A – FDA approved and is supplied with a 3A nameplate and certificate.

BB pumps design according to Sanitary Standard 3A (new standard No. 02-10). The differences between the classic B series and the BB/BA are:

    • The rotor housing configuration and shape allows the pump to be utterly self-draining with vertical ports
    • Fixing nuts constructed with flat caps minimize gripping product problems and improve CIP
    • 7KFO mech seal with larger slots and self-draining to allow cleaning and avoid retention of potentially hazardous cleaning solutions. All options for the existing “B” pump series will also be available for the new “BF” pump series.
Seires BE - Omac
Seires BE – Omac

Series BE

The BE series pumps are simple and powerful and characterized by their monoblock design. Thanks to the hollow shaft and the rear cover provided with IEC flanges; the drive unit is fixed directly to the pump by creating a uniquely compact and lightweight body.

With smooth housing and a fixed nut integrated into the impellers, the new design improves cleaning standards. The lobe pumps of this series are offered only with a two-lobe rotary piston rotor by SS 316 L or in anti-friction alloy CY5SnBiM, which ensures excellent volumetric efficiency smooth and steady transfer of specific liquid or viscous products. In less demanding jobs, the BE pump can replace pump B and, in response to the growing demand for low-cost lobe pumps with good hygiene standards, allows for an expansion of the usability of the OMAC lobe pump.

Series BF/F

Evolved from the already successful OMAC “B” pump series, the new “BF” pump line upholds the principles of performance, ruggedness, and reliability while incorporating a unique design that allows for better protection external generation and a more accessible AISI 304 gearbox.

All wetted parts of the product are in AISI 316L form with less than 3% ferrite content. Smooth cover with a new gasket and rotors offers an internal nut or an external nut without a nut for the F series.

Series BF - Omac
Series BF – Omac

The pump body is press-forged and features solderless DIN11864-3 or Tri-clamp connections. The removal of slots ensures C.I.P. cleaning without keeping the cleaning water.

AFTER THE CLEANABILITY TEST AT THE TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY OF MUNICH, the F series (without nut on the rotor) has obtained the certification of EHEDG’S (European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group) indicating the pump type. This product meets all sanitary design requirements and classifies as “easy to clean.”

Series C/CF

The C and C.F. series are new sanitary pumps that meet the high standards required for applications in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Designed to achieve the highest hygiene standards, it can easily clean the lobe pumps thoroughly to allow for hot water consumption and reduce the use of chemical products to clean them.

The materials used, the surface finish, and design features have earned the European Hygiene Engineering & Design Group certification – EHEDG and 3A.

Series P

Featured with or models are P2 and P3. The figure below illustrates the main specifications of these two models.

Series P Omac
Series P Omac

Peristaltic pump

With four series such as AMP, FMP, RBT, DS-M. The illustration below depicts the specifications of these pumps.

Peristaltic pump specifications
Peristaltic pump specifications


OMAC impeller pumps use in many different manufacturing industries such as:

Pharmaceutical industries: Paste, plasma, yeast, glucose,…

Cosmetic and chemical industries: Beauty cream, toothpaste, shampoo, bubble bath, paint lotion, enamel, detergent, polymers, resins, dodecylbenzene, acids, etc.

F&B industries: Wine, beer, soft drinks, syrups, teas, fruit juices, fruit and tomato concentrates, fruit and vegetable salads, preserved vegetables, sauces, mayonnaise, homogenized meats, starch, vegetable puree,… chocolate, pastry cream, cake, toppings, fillings, fat, margarine, jam, marmalade…

Food pump used in F&B
Food pump used in F&B

Dairy industries: Milk and derivatives, processed cheese, yogurt, fruit yogurt, butter, curd, ice cream, whey,…

Thai Khuong is the distributor for OMAC brand’s star pump products in Vietnam. If you need advice on choosing an lobe pump, please get in touch with us immediately!