Who we are

A solid partner

Quattro Separator® would like to thank you for taking a moment to visit our website. quattro Separator® provides products, expertise, equipment and consultant services for water and wastewater treatments. quattro Separator® is an innovative company that is committed to meeting the high process and equipment reliability demands of today’s market as well as constantly upgrading our expertise for tomorrow’s needs.

Customer service is our main focus and that means providing our clients with the best pricing and efficiencies giving them a competitive edge in the marketplace.  Our expertise is derived from numerous facilities in all industries including food and beverage, breweries, wineries, pulp and paper, mining, water and oil well drilling, refineries, municipal lagoons and digesters, landfill ponds, ethanol plants, biodiesel plants, etc.

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Stay at your side

Maintain the intellectual property of the company and improve our knowledge of solid-liquid filtration systems. Develop new solutions in plant design and improvements in the filtration process relating to filter presses. 

As a result of its commitment to research and development, quattro Separator® studies and tests innovative systems and solutions in the delicate process of solid-liquid separation, thus continuously widening and strengthening its unparalleled experience that started in 1923. The testing, carried out by a team of chemists and engineers together with customers’ technicians, aims to determine the filtration parameters for the tested products. This is done in order to perfect both the production process provided by the customer and the performance of the equipment provided by quattro Separator®

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Where we come from

Environmental impact and sustainability are issues of great concern to the world today, and something we take very seriously at quattro Separator. However, change doesn’t happen overnight and we see improving our Environmental impact and sustainability as a continuing journey and not as a ‘destination’ to be arrived at.

Our design team are all extremely eco aware and keen to instil this in their practices. We aim to make changes where possible that lessen the environmental impact of our products but that don’t compromise on performance. It is critical for the quattro Separator® brand that we also live up to our reputation for providing durable equipment and we are currently putting lots of effort into ensuring the best ways of balancing longevity, sustainability and affordability.

quattro Environment® is renowned for producing equipment that not only works but lasts a long time. We have decanters sent to us that are up to 15, even 20 years old and that the owner can’t bear to part with. We provide a care and repair service and can even re-fill/condition. Good gear also needs to be cared for and you can find out more about this here.

None of this is simple and we are adamant that we want to continue to improve.  More transparency is the key and we are working on this and are very aware of our responsibilities. Certainly there are no clear cut answers and we are keen not to make sweeping statements that we can’t back up. We are not fearful of transparency but many people are very quick to criticise. Therefore, getting things right first time is really important as we endeavour to lessen the environmental impact of our products.

We are working very closely with suppliers, factories, carriers, and in both Italy and in the Europe offices to decrease the environmental impact of everything we do at quattro Environment®.