Robuschi offers solutions that combine outstanding efficiency, low noise operating equipment, a small footprint, minimal maintenance, low operating costs, and long service life. Robuschi has many types such as Lobe Air Blower, Low-Pressure Screw Compressor, Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump, and Centrifugal Pump.


Robuschi was founded in 1941 and has been growing ever since. We believe firmly in innovation and investing in modern machining systems and state-of-the-art production processes. We are proud to be recognised amongst the global leaders in the production of oil-free compressors at low pressure, lobe blowers, liquid ring vacuum pumps, and centrifugal pumps. Since 2011 we are part of Gardner Denver, a leading manufacturer of air flow control products with an important global footprint.         


RBS is a positive displacement rotary blower with three special profile lobes that, combined with a low pulse system, reduce the residual pressure pulsation of the conveyed gas to less than 2% of the operating pressure. Thanks to new engineering technologies, the Robox unit includes all accessories and the ready-to-fit and exclusive SENTINEL electronic monitoring system. In addition the enhanced noise enclosure has been restyled and painted and provides improved noise.

Delivering Robuschi

  • System costs thanks to the optimisation of space
  • Running costs thanks to the low energy consumption and to the exclusion of all standstill risks ensured by the innovative electronic control system SENTINEL
  • Maintenance costs thanks to the easy access to all parts for normal service operations.

The Smart Oil System provides one oil level (all models, only frame 1 excluded) to check from outside. This means that there is better reading reliability and lower oil top-up times. This is user-friendly equipment, requiring only one oil filling, resulting in lower maintenance costs.

The new performance cooling fan is designed for easy maintenance, all of which is performed from the front with the removal of the front panel or panels and/or the opening of the upper panel.  This allows for:
  • Better air circulation inside the noise enclosure 
  • Extended operating range capacity 
  • Greater reliability
  • Easy connection by means of terminal board 
  • Better efficiency due to inner enclosure’s lower temperature

Smart and compact design Robuschi

Because of the smart and compact design, Robox Lobe machines can be placed side by side, thereby significantly reducing the space they require and therefore the dimensions of the blower room. The result is that they allow for lower system costs.

Robuschi Robox Lobe achieves new levels of efficiency and performance for a range of applications in industrial wastewater treatment.

The Robuschi positive displacement blower package offers smooth and relatively quiet operation by utilizing cutting-edge technology with a combination of innovative components. Robox Lobe packages are equipped with IE3 drive motors and premium efficiency on request. Star/Delta starters are also available. There are inverter duty motors for variable frequency driver (VFD) for wide turndown capability and better efficiency belts with additional noise reduction.

The Robox Lobe package delivers reliability, extreme sturdiness, and compactness.

The Robox Lobe package is ready-to-fit the Sentinel electronic monitoring systems (Sentinel 2 and Sentinel PRO), which allow all relevant machine and process parameter control, granting reliable and efficient blower system operation.

Application of the Robuschi Robox

With the importance of the device, as well as the applicability in practice. Robuschi products are being used in many industries, such as:

  • Aquaculture: Robuschi offers world-class aquaculture solutions through its product line of blowers, vacuum pumps, and screw compressors for the following applications: fish catching, fish handling, packing package, fish pond aeration, fish feeding, sewage treatment.

  • Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals: Robuschi offers a wide range of products in the manufacturing stages such as pneumatic blowers, screw compressors, vacuum pumps, and centrifuges for various chemical and pharmaceutical processes, such as cooling, distillation, degassing, drying, air compression, pneumatic conveying, solvent recovery, thin-film evaporation, liquid transport.

  • Food and Beverage: Robuschi offers a diverse product portfolio with pneumatic blowers, screw compressors, vacuums, and centrifugal pumps for different food and beverage processes: dairy, packing food packaging, dispersion, food preservation, pneumatic conveying, concentration systems, degassing, evaporation, drying, impurity removal, milking systems, fermentation and substance handling liquid.
Robuschi Robox applications
Robuschi Robox applications
  • General production: Robuschi offers a wide range of technologies, such as pneumatic blowers, screw compressors, vacuum and centrifugal pumps for many processes in general production: central vacuum systems, pneumatic conveying, lifting systems, pneumatic knives, fluid transmission, industrial cleaning, glass forming, drying and more.

  • Lime and cement: Robuschi offers rotary blowers and screw compressors for a number of lime and cement applications, such as pneumatic conveying, lime cement vulcanization, gas, cooling gas, recovery. gas, fluidized bed, FGD and lifting.

  • Environment: Robuschi products with lobe blowers, screw compressors, vacuums and centrifugal pumps target the following environmental applications: desalination, biogas production, biogas recovery science, sludge drying process, landfill gas recovery, soil gas extraction, sewage suction truck, mechanical vapor compression, etc.

  • Medical: Robuschi can supply vacuum pumps for central vacuum systems and for steam sterilization processes in the medical field.

  • Mining: Robuschi air blowers and vacuum pumps target methane extraction and ventilation applications in the mining industry.

  • Plastics: Robuschi offers a wide range of products with rotary lobe blowers, screw compressors and vacuum pumps for a number of plastic applications, such as cooling and drying, rubber extrusion and degassing machines, and transportation. particle transfer and shaping.

  • Power generation and oil and gas: Robuschi’s product range of rotary blowers, screw compressors, vacuum cleaners and centrifugal pumps targets power generation as well as oil and gas applications: desulfurization flue gas, fluidized bed combustion, condenser, oil sand field and cleaning liquid recovery.
Air blower for industrial
Air blower for industrial
  • Pulp and Paper: Robuschi can provide the right technology with air blowers and centrifugal pumps for clean pulp and liquid handling, tissue, and pulp drying applications.

  • Wastewater treatment: Robuschi has been a leading partner of the wastewater industry for decades. Lobe blowers, screw compressors, and centrifugal pumps provide energy-efficient and sustainable solutions for many applications in the field, such as primary settling, aeration, slurry fluid pumping, and backwash sand filter…

Where to buy Robuschi products?

With the achievement of distribution certification from the Firm. Thai Khuong is proud to bring the most advanced and best product line to domestic production. Popular models are currently available at the Thai Khuong warehouse. In addition, if you need more specialized lines or optional options, please contact Thai Khuong for advice and choose the best solution!

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