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The key elements that have led to the international success of Salvatore Robuschi, on the market since 1935, are the customer-oriented design and the technical-commercail staff’s knowledge. Salvatore Robuschi’s primary goal is to become reference brand for process pumps, designing “tailor-made” solutions for every needs. The Company has devoted to the realization of pumps innovative for building technologies and components modularity: through the microcasting used to build many parts, for example impellers, together with the design , the Company produces machine with high energy efficiency and low NPSH values. The ranges includes centrifugal pumps with closed or open impellers according to ISO 5199-2858 rule, vortex impeller with full passage, channel impellers, both horizontal and vertical arrangements The range can is build in cast iron, stainless steel or special alloys The Company pruduces also are lighter series, cheaper but very versatile, in stainless steel AISI 316, with flow up to 200m3/h. The production includes the new vertical cantilever pumps type, which run even in the most difficult conditions. This product offers is good, long lasting and innovative alternative from the application point of view and product’s range Visiting the web site you can find the complete range of hydraulic components with the relevant different arrangements and the technical details


Salvatore Robuschi’s centrifugal pumps can be used in many insutrial fields; chemical and pharmaceutical industry (preparation of active ingredients), food industry (washing of fruits and vegetables, vaccum conveying and concentration), distillation, purification, tanning, textiles and in all those sectors that present pumping issues (suspended solids, products difficult to convey).

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Chứng nhận Salvatore Robuschi
Chứng nhận Salvatore Robuschi