With over 55 years of trusted solution expertise, SANDPIPER brings best-in-class pump and engineering innovations to your most brutal and most demanding pumping challenges.

About Sandpiper

For over 50 years, SANDPIPER, the original Warren Rupp pump brand, has been at the forefront. Sandpiper continuously innovates and offers the most reliable and durable range of air-operated double-diaphragm (AODD) pumps to support a wide range of markets worldwide.
Sandpiper stands behind its industry-leading pump lines, backed by the best factory warranties. Offered in various sizes, types and models, SANDPIPER has the broadest range of product configurations and superb pump technology to solve your market or application problems.
Sandpiper Headquarters
Sandpiper Headquarters
Each pump is supported by:
Expertise: Sandpiper pumps can handle any environment, from your most basic pumping needs to the most demanding applications
Problem-solving expertise: You get a solution quickly, which reduces your downtime
Industry-leading durability and performance: Sandpiper is focused on improving your efficiency so you get more uptime
Best-in-class delivery: Highly efficient factory, product ready, getting you what you need faster than other AODD pump manufacturers

History and main product lines of the Sandpiper brand

Our story explains why we were able to stand the test of time to meet the demands of a constantly changing market.
In the spring, Warren Rupp left the Gorman-Rupp Company to build a company founded on the principle of building “new and different pumps” called “Pumping Starters”. Founded by Warren E. Rupp and Charles E. Young, Jr., the company started with $8,000 in equity in Mansfield, OH. Mr. Rupp and Mr. Young purchased a two-story building in downtown Mansfield.
Porta Pump was launched shortly after, with the hands of the founder having assembled the first 25 Porta Pumps. The Porta Pump was born when Warren used an old lawnmower engine from a manufacturer that had stopped making battery-powered lawn mowers.
Diaphragm pumps used in waste water treatment
Diaphragm pumps used in waste water treatment
Warren Rupp’s flagship brand was created with the development of the SA2 Flip Valve pump. It was born by replacing an earlier pump design with air for water and by doubling the diaphragms. This double diaphragm pump was new to the industry and is known today as the heavy-duty industrial valve.
1974-1975: New factory
As the company continued to grow, a new 50,000 square-foot manufacturing plant was built on a 20-acre site, which is the current location. The current site has expanded to 80,000 square feet.
1978: International sales
Through his distribution network, Warren Rupp started selling in the international market.
1984-1986: Facility Upgrade
Additional growth facilitates the addition of new offices and new machinery in the manufacturing plant.
1986-1987: Acquired by IDEX
Houdaille Industries, based in Fort Lauderdale, FL, buys Warren Rupp. Don Boyce, Financial Controller, arranges the sale. Six months after the acquisition, Houdaille Industries went public and changed its name to IDEX Corporation. Boyce later became President of IDEX, headquartered in Chicago, Illinois.
Warren Rupp acquires Pumper Parts and Versamatic. The purchase is facilitated to obtain both the Versamatic pump product line, as well as its Pump replacement parts. Versamatic’s manufacturing operations then moved from Export, PA to Mansfield, OH in 2008.
SANDPIPER develops Signature Series products, including:
Labelling SA series vane valves as Heavy Industrial Vane Valve (HDF) pumps
Sandpiper products
Sandpiper products
SB Series of Ball Valve Pumps Become Heavy Duty Ball Valve (HDB) Pumps
The pump is virtually waterproof (VIP)
Rupp Guard becomes the new Containment Duty ball valve
S-Series is still the Standard ball valve pump
On August 23, Warren Rupp hit a new milestone: more than a million pumps were manufactured.
Warren Rupp was awarded Business Unit of the Year by IDEX Corporation.
The manufacturing plant undergoes a major renovation. This includes large investments in automation and material flow improvements. In addition, there was the remodelling of the assembly floor, the installation of conveyor belts and the construction of additional office space.
Warren Rupp was named one of the nation’s best manufacturers by Industry Week Magazine, making Warren Rupp the only AODD manufacturer to win the award in 2012.
2013: National Accreditation Degree
Warren Rupp was featured on The Green Room, a National Environmental Television Series, highlighting the company’s high energy efficiency and eco-friendly strategies.
Warren Rupp is featured on FOX Business Network’s Manufacturing Marvels.
Diaphragm pump lines
Diaphragm pump lines
2017: Improvement process
Improvements during development were introduced for some SANDPIPER pumps, focusing on increasing maximum flow rate while reducing compressed air consumption. Any pump models that receive these updates are identified with evolution in today’s SANDPIPER documentation.
2018: Join the community
Warren Rupp hit a new milestone in community engagement, reaching 75% employee engagement and contributing more than 800 hours of total volunteer service.
On May 24, U.S. Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross presented Warren Rupp Inc. and 48 other companies Presidential “E” Award for Export at a ceremony in Washington DC. The Presidential “E” Award is the highest recognition any U.S. organization can receive for a substantial contribution to U.S. exports. The company celebrated the awards with a cooking session, flag raising ceremony, and special guests and elected officials.
2020: Development of the F-SERIES
In December 2020, SANDPIPER released a new line of FDA-compliant pumps. The F-Series pumps feature a clamping strip construction for applications requiring frequent cleaning. The F-Series boasts features essential for the production of food and other hygiene products. The pump is made of electropolished 316 stainless steel to reduce product adhesion. They also feature nickel-plated aluminium sections for chemical washout compatibility (polypropylene or stainless steel is available on some models).
Today, Warren Rupp pumps are supplied worldwide through independently authorized distributors in at least 75 countries.

Typical applications of Sandpiper products

Sandpiper diaphragm pump applications
Sandpiper diaphragm pump applications
Industry-leading applications that Sandpiper’s products have been trusted to use include:
Sandpiper AODD pumps can be found in petrochemical plants, oil and gas fields, food processing, mining, marine and many other applications…
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