To serve global mining, processing, and general industries with trustworthy and reliable pumps, parts, and service.

Schurco exists to provide unmatched engineering excellence, low lead times through global inventory stock, attentive customer service, and cost-effectiveness for our customers. In a field dominated by large and complex multi-billion dollar corporations, Schurco is a 100% American owned and operated company offering a streamlined bottom-line conscious engineering approach to customers.

Máy Bơm Bùn Schurco Slurry
Máy Bơm Bùn Schurco Slurry


Manufacture and deliver the most trusted slurry pump on the market with the best customer service in the industry.


Since 1975 Schurco has been a driving force in the pumping industry. Originally founded to be a technically advanced repair and machine shop for critical pumping equipment in mills around the country, Schurco evolved by expanding their capabilities over time to the full-service slurry pump manufacturing company that customers know today.

Mines, mills, and plants around the world use Schurco Slurry pumps and spare parts on every continent except Antarctica. Through their global distribution network Schurco supplies critical spares for customers at low total costs of ownership.

Schurco’s guarantee of quality is paramount to our success. While other manufacturers send jobs and quality control overseas, Schurco maintains strict product control in the United States of America. The all-American workforce includes master mechanics and machinists, engineers from diverse backgrounds, and a solid commitment to excellence at every level of the company. Products are confirmed through a variety of assessments including spectrographic testing of metallurgies, hardness testing, dimensional analysis, and fully-qualified hydraulic and fit testing. Our business grows through a steadfast commitment toward delivering a trustworthy product.

As technology has advanced, so have we. Major investments have been made in modernizing the product development and realization strategy from 2-D CAD to 3-D CAD to fully assembly modeling. Today Schurco can perform computational fluid dynamics of hydraulics, finite-element analysis of structures, and full-scale system hydraulic performance modeling. All of this is done to enhance the Schurco product, and deliver value to customers.

In 2013 Schurco completed an investment in our long-term growth strategy, which included the acquisition of an additional 85,000 square feet manufacturing facility in Jacksonville, Florida, bringing the total square footage of manufacturing and warehouse space to over 150,000 square feet. Schurco continues to invest in state of the art machining, assembly, fabrication, and testing equipment to maintain a competitive edge for the products. To ensure customers have replacement parts readily available Schurco stocks thousands of items regionally in addition to the primary inventory in Jacksonville, Florida, USA.