Tuthill Pumps
Tuthill Pumps

Tuthill manufactures a range of highly engineered pumps for the chemical, oil and process industries. Manufactured in the United States from high-quality materials, Tuthill has a solid reputation for great performance amongst difficult fluid transfer applications. Tuthill products include AC/DC fuel transfer pumps, diaphragm pumps, hand pumps, flow meters, accessories and more.


Tuthill gear pumps handle many viscosities and sustain a constant flow at any pressure. With only two moving parts the internal gear design allows the pump to handle higher viscosity liquids. Simple, compact design offers high efficiency and longer life. Positive Reversing Action – The unique reversing feature allows the gear pumps the ability to reverse flow without the use of valves.


About Tuthill Pumps

Lubrication Pumps, Process Pumps, & So Much More

Tuthill, one of the longest-running pump businesses in the industry, started in 1892 and became Tuthill Pump Company in 1927. In 2010, the company switched to manufacturing only pumps, blowers, and similar products to serve the fluid movement needs of clients around the world.
Acids, detergents, diesel, and other chemicals require pumps that have been engineered for the purpose of transferring these specific liquids. Tuthill creates and rigorously tests chemical transfer pumps, process pumps, fuel transfer pumps, and other products to ensure that they’ll stand the test of time.

Tuthill Pump’s industrial pump range

ClassifyPumps SeriesApplication

LUBETECH (Internal Gear Pumps with Cast Iron Body)

L Series

Applications for Thermal industry, Chemical industry, Petroleum industry, Paint industry, Power plants

C Series

1000 Series

FLOWPRO (Process Pumps, also API676 std.)

Global Gear

Applications for Chemical Industry, Paint industry, Paper industry, Food industry

HD Heavy Duty

TECHNAFLO (Mag-drive External Gear pumps)D Series

Applications: Medical equipment, laboratory equipment, chemical metering, laser cooling, and industrial temperature control. If it requires a seal free, technically advanced pump, Tuthill Magnetically Coupled Pumps are the solution.

T Series