About the brand VIESSE POMPE.

Viesse Pompe was founded in 1992 by a team of managers with extensive experience in the pumps industry who wanted to research and develop a specific market sector and pump application. They focused on pumping solutions for dirty water, slurry, paper pulp, wastewater, seawater…

Viesse Pompe Italia is specialized in the design and production of pumps and electric pumps for use with dirty water, slurry, and sewage with viscosities up to 7 E.

Viesse Pompe Italia Srl produces and exports the ROBUSTA brand globally, a revolutionary pump system that offers huge benefits compared to traditional pumps.

The design of the ROBUSTA pump is the result of thirty years of experience in the handling, pumping and transport of slurry, dirty and contaminated liquids.

Ideal for many different applications in many different fields, from industry to the construction industry, our pumps and electric pumps comply with any pumping application and demands while maintaining high efficiency and low energy consumption.

Viesse Pumps

There are countless applications where such solutions are needed, in particular in the industry sector: Viesse Pompe developed vital commercial skills and technical expertise. needed to fulfill the demands of the market and enhanced its products through ongoing research.


Viesse Pompe Italia S.R.L. Products:

Model S Series – Self Priming Centrifugal Pumps

The S series pumps are the self-priming type with special internal solutions making them particularly suitable for pumping loaded liquids either with solids in suspension or dissolved gasses.

Thanks to the extra thickness with a covering sheet of corrosion-proof and wear-proof metal, the fact there is plenty of room for solid particles to pass through the impeller, the ruggedness of the O rings with special oil chamber, make these pumps particularly suitable for applications that require fast priming, the possibility of pumping abrasive liquids or just dirty or muddy liquids with the easy passage of the solid particles.

All models are available in cast iron and many in stainless steel. The mechanical seal is a standard feature made in silicon carbide, the wear disk with stainless steel screws, the large inspection doors. Numerous variations for special applications are also available.


EASY engine-driven pumps are designed and built for use in emergency situations such as minor flooding of basements, underpasses, basins, etc.

The anticorodal aluminum construction material makes this pump suitable for universal applications, including seawater, highly polluted water, etc. Its limited weight also makes it easily transportable by just two persons.

The innovative features of this series include:

  • The front hatch can be opened without the need for special tools, enabling a complete clean inside the machine in case of clogging;
  • The inspection window on the main hatch can also be opened without the need for tools to allow a preventive quick check inside;
  • The suction and delivery ports are in-line positions. This design is the solution to avoid the delivery curve coupling and to set up the piping system in a more in-line way;
  • The use of metal parts resistant to wear inside and resistant to seawater on the outside makes them a universal solution.

Model R Series – Volumetric Rotary Pumps

The R series of pumps are the volumetric internal cycloidal gear rotary type with particular solutions rendering them rugged, compact and flexible. All models feature axial adjustment of the impeller with the motor installed without the need for special tools.

Model W Series – Vacuum-Assisted Pumps

The self-priming engine-driven pumps, RW series, are centrifugal with an open impeller and large free solids passage, assisted by the large-capacity volumetric vacuum unit that enables constant self-priming even with very long pipelines.

Designed for a dual function to keep a constant vacuum in a wellpoint system and to transfer sewage and slurry. Priming is completely automatic avoiding the need to add water (dry-prime) and can operate even in dry conditions (dry-run).


The RW pump series can be used for the suction of any type of groundwater, including seawater, in wellpoint systems, or for the suction in septic tanks and reservoirs of sewage, slurry with suspended solids, and so on.

The vacuum-assisted pumps in the W series are the centrifugal type with a positive displacement vacuum pump and air separator, hence rapidly self-priming and maintaining a high vacuum level at suction even when there is a lot of air.

Model MP Series – Trolley Mounted Engine Pumps

The comprehensive range of VIESSE engine pumps in the MP series covers numerous applications in the contractors, agricultural, and emergency fields. They are available in the self-priming version with an open impeller for loaded, sandy, brackish water and sewers. Trolley mounted with two pneumatic wheels, on a fixed stand, or on easy to handle barrow can be equipped with Diesel or petrol engines. Units…

Model GS Series – Standardised Fire Fighting Units

The GS series of fire fighting units, standardized in compliance with the UNI 9490 standards, results from years of experience in the automatic starting field of big electric motors and Diesel engines. With rates of flow up to 1,000 m3/h, these units use highly reliable, and the top quality modular components used have been proven in hundreds of applications.


Transversal applications and a wide variety of possible uses make ROBUSTA pumps a very versatile solution for low- or high-pressure transfer of liquids containing dissolved gas or suspended solids.

Viesse pumps are suitable for the following applications:
Cement pump.
Pumping paper and pulp.
Sand pump.
Chemical pump.
Water supply/filter pump.
Pharmaceutical pump.
Solvent pump.
Pumps in steel mills.
Pump in the sugar factory.

Some products from Viesse Pumps: