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Today, with the rapid development of key industries, one of the most important problems of the business is optimizing production lines to adapt to FAST and SUSTAINABLE growth. same need. As a business specializing in providing industrial pumping solutions, Thai Khuong Pumps understands and wants to accompany businesses in:

Integrating the process of operating an efficient pump solution for the production line.
Support and accompany with appropriate technology improvement in growth stages.
Here is an article to share knowledge OVERVIEW & INTRODUCTION to some of the popular industrial pumps that Thai Khuong Pump has deployed during the past time.

Note: Because the article is only generalized, it summarizes the key information. During the implementation of the article, to the RELATED or OPENING, Thai Khuong Pumps will attach an in-depth information link for you to flexibly interact and find the right industrial pump product. desire.

Let’s start with the first part!

Industrial pump system

What are industrial pumps?

Industrial pumps are used to move liquids or fluids in production lines and processing of industrial plants. They have quite a few different applications, featuring a flexible design to suit the intended use.

According to professional knowledge, industrial pump solutions are divided into 2 groups: Dynamic pump and Physical pump .

But for the convenience of access as well as based on the characteristics and application of the pump equipment, Thai Khuong Pumps would like to classify it into 11 common industrial pumps as follows:

Current industrial pumps come in a wide variety of different applications

11 types of industrial pumps

# 1 Centrifugal pump

Overview of centrifugal pumps

Centrifugal pumps are commonly used pumps for the conveyance of a variety of liquids. The principle of operation is based on centrifugal force using the impeller to move water or other fluids. Therefore, the centrifugal pump is preferred in the following areas:

– Oil exploration.

– Fire sprinkler system.

– Agriculture (irrigation system).

– Urban facilities (water plant & wastewater treatment system).

– Manufacturing industry (processing, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food …).

Based on the above typical industries and practical use, industrial centrifugal pumps are suitable for NON-HIGH PRESSURE COLLAGES requirements but guarantee steady flow and large volumes.

Various industrial centrifugal pumps

List of products

Advantages of the centrifugal pump solution

  • Simple design: easy to maintain, easy to install, easy to move.
  • Good handling of large amounts of liquid, providing high flow rates.
  • Large application range: liquids, chemicals (including mixtures: liquids & solids).
  • Ability to flexibly adjust the flow rate by using an inverter or accelerometer .

In summary, depending on the technical needs of the industrial pump solution, we will choose a suitable centrifugal pump product with high efficiency.

# 2 Vacuum pump

Overview of vacuum pumps

It can be simply understood that a vacuum pump is a pump solution that operates on the interactive pressure difference between the internal vacuum environment and the outside air to move matter (water, mud …). The vacuum pump is widely used in the following industries:

– Industry: plays an important role in the production line and finished product processing industry.

– Health: help diagnose and support more accurate and safe treatment for the patient.

– Printing: support to create perfect printing publications (packaging, paper …).

– Food: helps the process of preserving food for a longer time, avoids oxidation and damage to aerobic bacteria, and keeps the freshness of vacuum-packed foods.

Those are some of the common applications that vacuum pumps bring, especially when choosing a vacuum pump solution we will note 3 important characteristics: vacuum pressure , design structure , working fluid. .

Vacuum pump

List of products

The advantages that vacuum pump solutions bring

  • Diverse design & flexible to move and disassemble.
  • A wide range of applications can be used not only for handling liquids, solids but also gases .
  • Ability to suck, handle, and move HAZARDOUS SUBSTANCES , ensuring no leakage to the outside environment. Especially the waste in the mining industry.

Although widely used, but choosing a vacuum pump product “like” is a difficult problem for industrial engineers. So you can find out more information, refer to the article: Summary of common vacuum pumps.

# 3 Screw pump

Overview of screw pump

The screw pump has a simple structure, works on the principle of screw movement, when moving in the screw chamber will pull the liquid from the inlet to push to the discharge outlet. The strength of the screw pump is its good performance at BIG POWER, often applied to the following industries:

– Food industry.

– Industry of producing sugar cane and sugar.

– Waste water treatment system.

– Hydraulic press plant *

Due to the moving characteristics of rotary screw pumps, it is necessary to increase operational efficiency as well as reduce shaft corrosion by increasing lubricating fluids (water, oil, etc. ) during operation.

Các dòng bơm trục vít

List of products

The outstanding advantage of screw pump solution

The superiority of a screw pump solution is smooth operation at HIGH POWER and good handling of SPECIAL STAINLESS (super-dense, super-viscous or highly corrosive).

Because the operating mechanism of the centrifugal pump and the screw pump is similar. However, for effective application in production line, you should consider two main factors: Pressure column & treatment fluid.

# 4 Metering pump

Overview of metering pumps

Dosing pumps are pumps designed to pump liquids or chemicals into storage chambers. In industry, industrial pumps play an essential role in the automated chemical dispersion process and are widely used in the following industries:

– Wastewater treatment.

– Food Processing.

– Agricultural applications.

– Manufacturing pharmaceuticals, functional foods.

The pump is powered by a small electric motor or by a gas-driven motor, and the device can be operated by an automatic control system. Engineers can customize: flow rate , cycle operation , dry pump warning , degassing , and flow quality control …

Metering pump lines

List of products

Advantages of using the metering pump solution

  • Operating automation technology.
  • Ability to flexibly adjust the system characteristics.
  • Proper handling of certain chemicals can be dangerous to humans.

# 5 Pneumatic diaphragm pump

Overview of pneumatic diaphragm pumps

The pneumatic diaphragm pump is a volumetric pump with two pump chambers. The main working principle is to use compressed air pressure to act on the diaphragm and transfer pressure to the pump to convey the substances. Diaphragm pumps can transport and handle well liquids such as mud, corrosive liquid, abrasive … Should be used mainly in the following industries:

– Mining.

– Paint coating

– Ceramics

– Chemistry

– Electroplating and Anodizing.

– Paper and pulp industry.

– Oil and gas industry – gas.

– Water treatment / wastewater treatment industry.

Advantages of using pneumatic diaphragm pumps

  • Design diversity (models, designs, capacity, structural materials …).
  • Flexible operation & application: easy to use, easy to install, easy to replace components – spare parts .
  • Vigorous handling of complex & dangerous fluids for humans.
Pneumatic diaphragm pump

List of products

# 6 Magnetic pump

Magnetic pumps are also known as magnetic driven chemical pumps. As the name suggests, magnetic pumps are specialized in CHEMICAL– related applications . Especially toxic liquids in industry.

Magnetic drive pumps operate on a direct but non-contact drive mechanism and the principle of magnetic field drive. Because of the movement mechanism so NO EXPOSURE structure of the pump from the structure without seal sealing eliminates two factors:

– The risk of leakage from “corrosive” activity is completely eliminated.

– Minimize maintenance costs caused by seals.

Magnetic pump

List of products

# 7 Pump the drum

Based on the application properties, the drum pump is used to transport and store liquids in the storage tanks. The structure of the drum pump includes a small gas-powered, electric motor or a crank mounted directly on the body, pump shaft. The engine starts with an on switch, and when the pump is activated it draws liquid from the storage tank to move to a new storage area.

The 5 application industries for drum pump applications are:

– Food and pharmaceutical industry.

– Processing plant.

– Chemistry.

– Oil and gas – gas

– Paint industry.

Bơm từ dùng cho hóa chất

List of products

# 8 Submersible pump

A submersible pump is a centrifugal pump designed for deep immersion in a liquid environment (water, oil, chemicals …). Most submersible pumps are electric and feature submerged in liquids, so they are prone to corrosion and difficult to control during maintenance.

Submersible pump products are widely used in the fields of:

– Waste water treatment system.

– Chemical industry.

– Irrigation system.

Submersible pump

List of products

# 9 Volume pump

Volumetric pumps come in a variety of designs and shapes. But based on structural features we can divide it into two main categories: Rotary pumps and reciprocating pumps. Due to its operation based on the principle of converting mechanical energy into potential (circulating), the volumetric pump will handle fluids with HIGH THICKNESS and at HIGH PRESSURE than centrifugal pumps.

Therefore, the volume pump solution is most used to handle complex fluids such as oil, sludge, sewage, food flour, waste …

Volume pumps

Read more about: Volumetric pumps (categories & functions) .

# 10 Gear pump

The gear pump is one of the most popular industrial pump equipment found in the petrochemical and oil refining industries. Gear pumps use the principle of movement between gear chains that moves fluid from the inlet to the discharge outlet. Gear pump products are for pumping high viscosity substances such as oils, plastics, adhesives or soaps.

The advantages can be mentioned of the gear pump solution that is:

  • Ability to handle high viscosity liquids.
  • Stable, controlled flow.
  • Easy to operate & easy to maintain.
Gear pump


# 11 Mud pump

Sludge pumps are centrifugal pumps that operate on the principle of increased pressure that makes the impeller move to transport the solid & water mixture in the material environment and can separate water for use.

The applications for sludge pumps are:

– Pumping mud for aquaculture ponds and lakes.

– Pumps for domestic and industrial wastewater.

– Pumps and sludge for foundation pit.

Mud pump

The specifications of industrial pumps

Industrial pump capacity (P)

Power (P) represents the energy consumption of industrial pumps.

The units for the power measure: W, kW, HP.

Liquid flow (Q)

Liquid flow is the volume of fluid a pump has over a given period of time. The measurement unit of flow is expressed in liters / min (l / p) or m3 / h .

It is important that the pump flow is inversely proportional to the head pump (H):

The lower the head, the higher the fluid flow in the pump (more & fast).

Conversely, the higher the head, the lower the fluid flow in the pump.

Depending on the usage needs, we will choose the right pump with the right flow.

Head (H)

The pump head is a measure of the power of the pump and calculates the formula:

Head H = Depth of suction + Height of push.

Temperature (T)

Temperature of the fluid and surrounding environment. The main unit of measure is degrees Celsius.

Play an important role in choosing the right pump for the business.

If the fluid and the outside environment have high temperature, we will choose adaptable pump characteristics such as:

  • Heat resistant material
  • Diesel or Electric engine

The process of implementing the project of pump solutions for businesses of Thai Khuong Pump

Completion of an industrial pump solution project includes many technical stages and depends on the scale of operations. This is easy to confuse people to learn. So Thai Khuong Pumps would like to summarize the basic process in the most intuitive way. Detail:

Step 1: Confirm project information.

Step 2: Calculation of pump solution specifications.

Step 3: Survey & research project.

Step 4: Determine the scale, capacity, characteristics of the system.

Step 5: Choose the right pump and calculate the total product price.

Step 6: Develop detailed project design drawings.

Step 7: Conduct construction and installation.

Step 8: Acceptance of the project.

If you want to know how Thai Khuong Pumps to implement an industrial pump project effectively, everyone can see it here .

Various industrial pumps

The benefits of industrial pump solutions bring businesses 

An important element of the pump solution that determines the competitive trend in industry in the FUTURE is:

  • Promote and improve the manufacturing process.
  • Optimize revenue sources for businesses (human resources, technology …).

In general, industrial pumping solutions not only help you:

  • Budget optimization of production lines.
  • It is a solution of science and technology to improve product quality.

Ultimately, the main benefits of the industrial pump solution are:

To take initiative in the company’s competitive capacity and brand development.

Using industrial pump solutions offers a lot of benefits for a business’s growth.

Thai Khuong Pumps will start to point through the benefits that industrial pumps bring:

Practical benefits when using industrial pump equipment group

Increase productivity to meet high demand

The need for production in the HIGH PERIOD TIME of the market is always a problem of the business. This is a “sensitive” time to make the most of the enterprise’s resources: human resources, technology. For example, the peak time is when the Lunar New Year comes , the increasing demand for production of enterprises is always high.

Business solutions towards that are:

  • Exploiting human resources (increasing personnel, increasing working time).
  • Exploiting production technology application.

And industrial pumping solution is one of the important factors to make internal force important and replace people in the production process.

Reduce power consumption

Currently, businesses are gradually focusing on IMPROVING the most preeminent machine operating system in order to meet important criteria: energy saving.

Every month, businesses have to pay hundreds of millions of dong for electricity costs, especially during peak times of electricity use. Therefore, when using the RIGHT PRODUCT – RIGHT QUALITY , the industrial pump system reduces the burden on the business from at least 7-11% of electricity wastage.

Cost savings

Using the industrial pump system not only helps you save money but also increases your finances from optimizing production processes for your business because of the 2 benefits mentioned above.

Besides, we can see the cost reduction when the industrial pump application is completely optimized:

  • Increase system life.
  • Reduce energy waste (especially during peak times).
  • Increasing production efficiency of industrial finished products.

=> Strong impact on production lines in factories, factories.

Solutions for human resources

When the power of scientific and technical technology is applied to the process of operating factories and production workshops. We can regulate HR solutions well:

  • Minimize dependence on technical technical personnel.
  • Increase employment opportunities for workers.

Macro benefits

In addition to practical benefits for short-term results, we have a significant impact on long-term benefits such as:

  • Environmental Protection
  • Develop business image orientation

The first is for social benefits – environmental issues.

Environmental Protection

Talking about the characteristics of industrial pumps, current pump manufacturers are focusing on environmental protection issues such as:

  • Producing quality products, long service life.
  • Environmentally friendly standard design (materials, applications …)

Especially for industrial pump products used in treatment lines related to the environmental sector (wastewater treatment system).

When meeting the entire production line system innovation, we can build factories according to modern standards in accordance with the long-term orientation of the business.

Business orientation: Industrialization

Most of the leading developed enterprises in Vietnam are oriented to use modern and advanced technology and machinery to build their brand development image. Typically among them are the large production plants that apply industrial pumping solutions in the operation line such as:

  • Vietnam Oil and Gas Corporation
  • Vedan Vietnam Joint Stock Company
  • A Dong Technology and Environment Development Company Limited
  • Dong Nai Water Supply Joint Stock Company


When building and completing the system, it can both improve production capacity and save costs . In particular, businesses are always good proactive when expanding their business, increasing their competitive advantage in the market.

Hopefully the article is useful for you who are in need of industrial pump products. With 13 years of operation and a companion of more than 10,000+ projects for businesses, Thai Khuong Pumps is proud to be a business providing industrial pumping solutions of international brands G7, EU.

Now, you have completely answered what industrial pumps are? And pumps are suitable for the specialty of the business. If you are in Ho Chi Minh City or Da Nang area, you can contact the portal to come face-to-face and enjoy the products that we have loved over a decade!

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