[Notice] Update customer support policy

Notice of customer support policy update

15 key economic sectors of Vietnam (accounting for 78% of GDP in 2019) will be directly affected by the aftermath of the Covid-19 epidemic (April 10, 2020 report of the Institute of Training and Research). BIDV)

In business, there are difficulties that we can not foresee and have huge consequences, requiring a lot of time and resources to recover.

As a distributor, Thai Khuong Pumps empathizes and understands the problems that you are facing. Therefore, in his capacity and potential, Thai Khuong boldly carried out a series of actions to help each other step through this turbulent time with the campaign Joining hands to share and help your businesses sister:

Get important goods and pumping equipment soon (from ordering to delivery from 6 – 12 weeks shortened to 3 – 7 days)

Acquire essential pump equipment on the line with 2-10% lower cost.

Get additional support for warranty and maintenance of pumping equipment with the policy of extending the warranty period up to 30 months.

In addition, if you are having difficulties that need support and sharing, please do not hesitate to ask immediately Thai Khuong for answers, direct support for the most private issues of each business.

Wishing you and your brothers and sisters to overcome the difficult time with wise solutions.

You can respond to this email to receive the fastest support.

Best regards,

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