1. Terms and Conditions of Exchange & Returns:

  • Product is detected by manufacturing defects
  • Product with technical specifications not in accordance with the requirements / information agreed in the signed contract.
  • Product is proven as counterfeit, wrong quality or origin.

2. Warranty – Repair conditions – 100% free replacement:

– Product is in Warranty period.

– The warranty card of the product must remain intact, not be changed or scratched; the information of Series and Pump model must be matched with the machine/ device that requires warranty.

– All the components of the product, equipment must not be removed, fixed, repaired or intentionally damaged.

– The information on the pump label (SN) is not removed or modified.

3. Warranty – Repair conditions – Replacement with cost:

– During the warranty period, if the equipment is damaged due to customer’s fault, all repair or replacement costs shall be borne by the customer.

– During the warranty period, customer do not comply with the instructions / requirements / standards of the manufacturer causing technical problems or damages.

– Damaged or exploded machine/equipment due to external impact such as broken by impact, suffer from natural disasters: lightning, flood…

4. Standard warranty

Applicable to all products that Thai Khuong Technology Trading Co., Ltd distributes.

*Machine/equipment is warranted within 12 months since the date of shipment.

Product is warranted in following conditions:

– Machine/device must be placed and operated in suitable workplace environment and working condition as manufacturer’s permitted technical standards.

– The operation of machine/device must be complied with manufacturer’s technical guidelines.

– During maintenance period, if there are any technical problems, please contact to our warranty service center immediately to handle.

Please Attention! Do not disassemble the machine/device without permission of Thai Khuong Technology Trading Co., Ltd.

– In case of examinating the machine/device under supervision of both sides, if the conclusion is manufacturer’s fault,Thai Khuong Technology Trading Co., Ltd will proceed to repair the damage and bear all the costs include (repair, replacement, shipment, staff). Otherwise, if the problem is caused by customer’s fault, any costs as mentioned will be customer’s responsibility.