With the motto “24/7” activities, when using Thai Khuong company’s services and products all customers are assured of product quality as well as the warranty and professional maintenance.

Not only satisfying demand of customers for products and solutions, but also Thai Khuong wants to provide our customers with warranty, maintenance and technical support services so that the system of machines, equipment of customers operate smoothly, stable, effective and safest.



– The warranty period of the genuine delivered product is 12 months from the date of purchase.

– Product warranty is free if the product has a warranty period.

– Warranty accessories provided by the company and repair, replacement accessories due to the fault of the manufacturer under normal conditions.

– The user must comply with the regulations, environmental conditions, voltage for use, not change, repair or upgrade the product in any case.


– Customers self-opening machine, self repair, change the product structure
– The user’s fault is not in accordance with the instructions supplied with the machine, use the material does not meet the supplier’s standards.
– Due to objective reasons such as unstable power source (too high, too low or erratic), falling, collapse due to natural calamity, fire, explosion, etc.
– The warranty does not cover accessories during use
– In this case, the user shall bear all costs incurred for the repair or replacement (if any)


For products that have expired warranty, Thai Nguyen is committed to technical support for customers. With a team of highly trained and experienced engineers and technicians equipped with specialized tools, Thai Khuong will provide the following support services:

  • Direct counseling
  • Surveys at the factory
  • Direct phone
  • By email

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