FPZ is the world’s leading manufacturer of high-performance blowers. FPZ devices are specifically designed to transport air in pressure or vacuum systems and handle engineering gases such as methane or biogas.
Taking “Lean Thinking” as the core for the continuous development of FPZ. “Putting customers as the focus, moving forward every day to serve customers’ satisfaction” is the leading motto of FPZ today.

FPZ Headquarters
FPZ Headquarters

A Brief History

FPZ Blower was founded in 1975 in Italy with the original goal of manufacturing and manufacturing side-channel blowers for the Italian market. Today, FPZ has offices and factories throughout Europe, America, and Asia. The company has been and always continues the management work along with the development process to preserve the values ​​and goals of the original establishment…
In 2013, FPZ joined the ELITE consortium, the Borsa Italiana program to promote the growth of companies with worthy potential, making them more competitive and attractive to investors. fourth. To date, only 220 Italian companies have been included in the ELITE confederation.
From 2018 – now, the group aims to become the standard company in fluid motion technology, by using its core product – air blowers – and also providing other solutions to meet customer’s requests.


The success that FPZ has achieved today is due to the unremitting efforts of all staff. Continuous dedication, ensuring the common development, and always oriented to the needs of customers.

Always refer to the needs of customers around the world

This working principle allows the brand to consistently achieve efficiency in production and manufacturing, reducing lead-time and increasing commercial scalability.


Trust of customers and partners

Always committed to quality products, meeting operating standards. Ensuring full trust for customers, and above all, FPZ always aims at the ultimate goal of reliable cooperation between the two parties.

Products of FPZ Blower

FPZ is continuously expanding its supply chain of high-tech vertical and horizontal axis blowers globally.
FPZ is a world-class manufacturer of high-performance regenerative blowers used to move air in pressure or vacuum systems. FPZ also manufactures a variety of blowers suitable for handling engineering gases such as methane or biogas.
A side channel blower is a device used to move air and increase pressure using an impeller that rotates in a toroidal channel, so energy is gradually increased. The term “side-channel” comes from the peripheral position of the toroidal channel relative to the impeller shaft.

Air blower FPZ
Air blower FPZ

Compression operation. The air pressure is increased starting from atmospheric conditions at the inlet to a value higher than the atmospheric value at the outlet.
Vacuum operation. The air pressure at the inlet is lower than the atmospheric pressure and it is increased when atmospheric conditions at the outlet are reached.

Product Application FPZ Blower

FPZ’s air blower and vacuum pump products are applied to the following fields:

    • Pack
    • Food
    • Wood furniture processing
    • Metal casting
    • Medical
    • Plastic processing
    • Industrial cleaning
    • Textile industry
    • Glass processing
    • Ceramic industry
    • Environment & water treatment
    • Electronic
    • Energy
    • Chemicals – Pharmaceuticals
FPZ Certificate
FPZ Certificate

Thai Khuong is currently the representative of the FPZ Blower brand in Vietnam. With a team of engineers constantly learning and with the support from the company, Thai Khuong confidently provides solutions using equipment – products of FPZ Blower to manufacturing plants in Vietnam, with high quality. highest quality and performance.