SLURRY FLO is a company with 100% capital from Canada, specializing in industrial control valve equipment design and manufacture, using raw materials imported from North America to make equipment. SLURRY FLO’s headquarters locates in Edmonton, Alberta, and its manufacturing facility is found in Vancouver, British Columbia.

About Slurry Flo

Slurry Flour products
Slurry Flour products
  • Production facility: 22,000 sq/ft
  • Genuine technical staff not outsourced
  • Using CAD and flow modeling software
  • Advanced processing equipment (mill, lathe, drill,…
  • Dynamic XD multi-axis waterjet cutting machine with 3D cutting capability
  • Four high-capacity cranes
  • Extensive experience in alloy fabrication and specialized welding processes
  • Near international shipping ports
  • Apply for the CSA-B51 quality control program.

Why choose valve equipment from SLURRY FLO

  • Custom design
  • Optimizing traffic concentration
  • Extreme wear resistance
  • Patented design
  • Replaceable wear-resistant components
  • The valve body is durable
  • Reduces pipeline wear
  • Reduce equipment downtime and maintenance
  • Adopt the most advanced 3D/CFD software
  • Using dozens of standard materials

SLURRY FLO’s valve manufacturing and manufacturing philosophy are always to achieve the balanced characteristics of the device to enhance maximum wear resistance while still being able to adjust any flow rate. According to customer needs. Based on the application requirements and SLURRY FLOW’s precise sizing capabilities, the valve equipment will be waterjet cut and CNC machined before being released to the market.

Slurry Flow valve products

SlurryFlo control valves offer exceptional performance and reliability. Patented port profiles and unique hole trims are customs designed to control any application – from water to highly abrasive slurries. By directing flow through the valve center, SlurryFlo protects the valve stem and downstream piping from erosion and cavitation, providing a durable service life.

Valve Slurry Flo
Valve Slurry Flo

SlurryFlo engineers use state-of-the-art flow modeling and design software to build and test each valve in the virtual world. They offer unique control properties and material selection for optimum wear resistance. The result is a custom control valve that meets your exact application requirements. 

  • Valve diameter sizes: SlurryFlo control valves are available for pipe diameters from 2 to 60 inches. If you need a larger size, please get in touch with Thai Khuong for advice. 
  • Pressure Grade: From low-pressure gravity applications to systems with 1500 PSI, SlurryFlo manufactures valves to CWP, ANSI 150, ANSI 300, and ANSI 600 standards. 
  • Body and gate materials: Since metallurgy is highly dependent on application specifications, our valves are available in dozens of standard and exotic materials (e.g., carbon steel, stainless steel) rust 316, Hastelloy, SuperDuplex, Titanium, …). There is no limit on materials. 
  • Precision Construction: Each SlurryFlo control valve is custom manufactured to exact design and custom specifications.

SlurryFlo advantages

  • Patented concave gate design.
  • Flow is directed through center of valve.
  • Unique orifice designs meet exact application requirements.
  • Zero damage to valve body (100% protection).
  • Reduced wear to downstream piping.
  • Super hard materials increase service life.
  • Field replaceable wear components.
  • Reduced downtime and maintenance costs.
  • Longest service life of any valve.

Slurry Flo applications 

Sludge control valves are specially designed for throttling liquids containing suspended solids. Due to the extreme wear in sludge control services, hard metal alloys or wear-resistant rubber are commonly used for these applications. 

Slurry Flo Applications
Slurry Flo Applications

Sludge can be loosely defined as any primarily liquid material and contains more than 10% solids. Mud can be anything from pure water containing some sand to very dense and viscous lime mud. Regardless of form, slurries present unique challenges when they must control a pipeline system. We represent the most rigid control valves in the world and have the solution for you.

There are also typical applications of Slurry Fluorine valves in the manufacturing and mining industries, such as:

  • Hard Rock, Potash and Coal Mining
  • Oil Sands Mining
  • Smelting and Processing
  • Water/Waste Water Treatment
  • Power Generation
  • Pulp and Paper

Thai Khuong is the representative distributor of Slurry Flo brand valves in Vietnam. If you want to learn more about using the device, please get in touch with Thai Khuong immediately!